Remember me?

No? Fair enough… I don’t blame you. 

It has been four months since I’ve even thought about this little space on the internet and in my mind, I couldn’t just ignore that absence. It needs to be aired out and addressed. So, if you’re interested, here’s what has been happening since January…

I guess after Christmas my motivation, inspiration – all of the ‘tion’s – were at an all time low. I don’t want to use the ‘D’ word, because I think it’s thrown around too easily, but there was a heavy, empty sadness weighing down on my shoulders. Residing in my gut. I felt hollow. I couldn’t shake it off. I couldn’t perk up. I just couldn’t get into anything… It went on for months.

As a result, I shied away from my blog (people, social media, life) and I just left it to gather dust.  I didn’t want to force anything; I didn’t have the enthusiasm anyway, but I knew it would do more harm than good. And so I waited, and waited, and waited some more for that excitement – passion – desire to share, to come swimming back to me. 

As with everything, time heals all, and here I am… spewing words out into the universe, again. I feel as if I’ve finally woken up from a zombie like state, and everything is new and shiny again. Perhaps it’s the Spring? Things don’t seem as grey, and it feels good.

I think a few things have contributed to this…

Firstly, I got a new job! Which is so, so exciting. I applied for a handful of jobs during March; this one in particular was part-time, it was the day of the deadline, but it seemed like a great place to work and so I went for it anyway. I was surprised when I was offered an interview, and even more surprised when they actually offered me a full-time, higher level role!
I was over the moon. It’s really a lovely feeling when people trust in you and your abilities. That hasn’t happened to me for a while; PGCE applications got me down, so the fact I was offered that role over both sets of candidates really lifted my spirits and allowed me to believe in myself again. I start after the Easter holidays and I will be supporting two children in a great little Primary school (it even has a farm – I think it was meant to be). I can’t wait to get started. 

Secondly, after staring at my blog and accidentally messing up the code, and subsequently, the whole layout – I decided to invest in a new set-up. Something that flowed a little nicer, something that reflected me and what this space is about. 

I’d heard a lot about Pipdig through other bloggers, and after a little browse, I took the plunge and I’m super happy with the outcome. It was easy to install and adjust myself. I love the little ‘pin’ feature and the post slider up at the top! I think having spent money on the template has given me a further kick to get back into the swing of things, too.  So I’m looking forward to posting again – I can’t exactly say I’m brimming with ideas, but this is a start, and I’m happy with that. 

And finally, I deleted all my blog drafts, all my ‘things I should’ve posted’ and started a fresh. The fear of failure is real (but that’s something for another day), and I didn’t need, or want, reminders of what could’ve been if I’d been consistent. So, there was no time like the present to strip it all back and ‘spring clean’ my online life. 

It has given me a nice blank canvas to start again, and I’m looking forward to what this will become. 

How have you been? What do you think to the new look? xo