Friday, 12 December 2014

Why I Love The 35mm f2 Lens

The 'does it all lens', the great all-rounder; the beautiful 35mm f.2.

I may or may not need it surgically removing from my camera. It's a glorious little thing and I've pretty much used it, none stop, since December 2012. I'm not entirely sure why I've never blogged specifically about, especially as use it for 95% of my pictures taken on here! Sometimes these ideas are just right under your nose, aren't they?... (get it?)

Anyway, without further a do... Here's exactly why I love this lens.

Bokeh : Ooh, the bokeh (or, the 'furry background' as my mum calls it). It's enough to make you drool. It isolates any subject perfectly and really brings a lot of depth to an image, making it ideal for portraits or close ups. It's definitely one of my favourite features of the lens.

Wide angle : at 35mm it has a natural wide angle effect, that means you can really get a lot in your image. Ideal for shooting things at a distance or even when you're in a small, compact area; it can really come in handy. I also find the 35mm ideal for essentially pointing and shooting - especially if you have a cropped sensor camera, like the Canon 550d.

Teeny tiny : It goes without saying, it's a lot smaller than your average kit lens, although it feels really nice & sturdy in your hand. It weighs more than my 50mm but I love how compact it is, making it super easy to get my camera, lens and all, in my handbag without having to awkwardly jiggle it around.

Speedy : although it can be 'noisy' when auto-focusing, this lens is ideal for capturing the little moments. It is so quick to focus and with inbuilt image stabilisation it really makes it perfect for shooting in low light, hand-held conditions.

Vignette : I've noticed that you do get a certain amount of 'vignette' when using this lens, especially with a low aperature setting. However it's not something that bothers me, as I actually love the effect. I mean, you can get Photoshop actions to add vignette to your photos, so having it naturally occur I feel is another added bonus!

What more can I say? (Well, I'm sure there are more technical ways of explaining this piece of kit, but...) I absolutely love it. It's definitely my favourite of all my lenses and is ideal for what I need it for. It's quite a lot pricier than the 'nifty fifty' (£469 on Amazon), but pretty awesome and worth every penny, in my opinion.  

What's your favourite lens?

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  1. oh great post, im now thinking about buying one lens , 50 1.8 but this is going to be the next sure!

    1. Thank you Marta! That 50mm is a great little lens, don't get me wrong, I just personally prefer this one :) x

  2. The 35mm is my fave too, I rarely take it off my camera. Such beautiful results x

    The Peppermint Pencil

    1. It's lovely isn't it? Definitely my favourite lens that I've tried :) xx

  3. Great post! very useful, I'm really looking forward to buy a new camera, but I need money haha

  4. This sounds lush! Also I just bought a Canon AE-1 recently, I would love to know your thoughts on yours! :)

    1. Ah cool! Yes I love that too. Although I need some more film so I can use it more often :) xx

  5. I only have the standard kit lens that came with my Canon 1000D but I'd love to buy a new lens, maybe when I've finished uni and not living off a student budget! This lens sounds amazing though :)

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