Sunday, 30 November 2014

Lazy Sunday Brunch : Spicy Avocado, Ham & Eggs

As much as a Sunday roast is always a great idea at the end of the week...

Sometimes, you (or, I, more specifically) just really can't be bothered. I want to l sleep-in, lounge around and have quick & easy food to hand. That's where this little concoction comes in. 

Toasted, warm bread, crushed peppery avocado, salty wafer thin ham & a runny fried egg topped with chilli flakes. It basically has it all; creamy, crunchy, salty & sweet - and it's so, so easy to 'make' (really just a case of piling everything on top of some toast).

The process is about as simple as it gets : 

Heat the frying oil of your preference in a pan. While it's warming up, scoop out your avocado and mash with a bit of pepper in a bowl (I used a whole one for two slices of bread; half an avocado is more than enough for one person). Crack in your egg & cook to your liking - I'm all about a runny yolk. The messier the better. Then toast your bread and assemble! Don't forget the chilli flakes & pinch of extra pepper. 

Tuck in straight away; knife & fork if you're fancy, hands if you want it in & around your mouth - and be amazed at what minimal effort can produce! 

For me, it really is the perfect lazy Sunday brunch. Nothing ground-breaking, but super delicious and something I, apparently, can't get enough of. Let me know if you give it a go! I think I want to try it with bacon next... because, bacon. 

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday, whatever you're up to!



  1. Oooh that egg looks exactly how I like my fried eggs cooked! So runny!

  2. Amazing post. Really love post like this. Looks so yummy :)) <33

    Love your blog <3

  3. This looks delicious! I definitely need to try this next week :)

  4. this looks so delicious, made me feel so hungry!

    Rachel // Style Soup

    1. Hehe, mission accomplished, I suppose! Thank you :) xx

  5. that made me feels so hungry! love a bit of avocado :)

  6. Loved this post! Certainly made me feel very hungry!

    Hannah xx

  7. What! This looks really yummy; something I'd have at any given time of the day! You had me sold on chili pepper. Thanks for sharing!

  8. My cooking never looks this photogenic! I'm going to have a give a vegetarian version of this a go on sunday. :)

  9. One of my faves minus the ham although I am sure it is super tasty with that too! I love avo and eggs on toast - I would also LOVE to see more posts like this :) I really like them x


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