Sunday, 24 August 2014

Five Sunday Reads

Another Sunday, another five wonderful blogs for you to fall in love with.

It was so nice to see such a positive response to this post a few weeks back, that I thought I would make another one, as, lets face it - I have far more than five favourite blogs that I like to read! I follow hundreds on Bloglovin' alone and I'm always stumbling across new loves, so here are a few more that I check back on regularly...

A Little Opulent : I feel like ALO is my ideal blog (I guess it's technically an online magazine, but, *shrug*...) If I were to make a checklist of all the things I love to read about & would love to be able to find all in one place - A Little Opulent is the culmination of all of that (and it's quite a varied checklist, let me tell you!) From beauty, art & food, to photography tips, home decor & beautiful illustrations. It's just gorgeous from start to finish. 

 ♥ Cocoskies : I love to look at other peoples art, if you hadn't already guessed, and it's always nice to find a blog that's dedicated entirely to that. Phillipa's style is so utterly gorgeous & unique, I could look at her posts all day. She has a real talent & I'd love to be even half as good as her one day!

 ♥ LV In Love With : It doesn't take a genius to realise I need help in the sartorial department and I always look to Louise's blog & youtube channel for hauls and inspiration. I love her style and chattiness in her videos & she's just one of those people that you really want to be friends with. She's an absolute babe, basically... (do I sound like a stalker?)

 ♥ Nishaantishu : Freya has such a gorgeous blog that incorporates so much beautiful photography & wonderfully written words (say that three times fast). Be it what she's wearing, or her travels, or even just a reminder to take five in your day; it makes for a lovely read and I always look forward to checking her latest posts. 

 ♥ Patsy Picks : Beauty reviews, recipes, and wonderful wish-lists; Patsy's blog is a lovely mixture of all of the aforementioned things. Patsy is one of my advertisers this month but regardless of that I thoroughly enjoy her posts & I think you would too! 

Let me know your favourite current read in the comments! :)
Hope you're having a great weekend/bank holiday



  1. Some great blogs will check them all out!!! I have so many favourites at the minute it is hard to get to read them all... My current favourite is xx

  2. aww you! thank you so much for mentioning me, especially with all these other amazing blogs. Nishaantishu is particularly lovely, thanks for the recommendation! LV x

  3. Instantly opened up all of those, can't wait to discover some new favourites! I genuinely really enjoy your blog actually, but a couple of others I love at the moment are for delicious recipes
    and for all sorts of loveliness! :)

  4. Oh I love these posts! You have great taste in content :)
    Allison from

  5. I may be slightly late to the party - its now "monday reads" for me but all these blogs are lovely and will definitely be taking up my time this afternoon, thank you x

  6. I love discovering new blogs :) I'll check the ones I don't already know from the ones you mentioned! ;) xx

  7. I love discovering new blogs, thank you for sharing!! <3 xx


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