Sunday, 13 July 2014

Three Ways For Heatless Waves

My hair is so long it's currently getting stuck in my bra/handbag on a regular basis. 

When it comes to styling; it feels like my arm may drop off before I've made it round all of my hair with a curling wand. So lately I've been experimenting with 'heatless waves' and a couple of easy, peasy overnight styles that result in the perfect/unperfect bed-head, loose waves - but with barely any effort. ('cause I'm a bit lazy like that)

I feel these work best with 90% dry hair, so ideally you've just washed it. Either let it dry naturally (as I did) or a quick blow-dry won't hurt. However I do sometimes just sleep with these in with second/third day hair to avoid complete mayhem in the morning and you still get a similar effect! 

Simply tie your hair up into:

A high bun 

The trick with this is get it quite high up on your head, then twist your entire ponytail right to the tip and curl it round on itself into a bun shape. Try keep your hair smooth so that it isn't completely frizzy in the morning! Secure with a loose/soft bobble or scrunchy, to avoid any kinks in your hair. Also if you have a fringe/bangs, leave them out... For obvious reasons. 

A loose plait

I'm not very good at plaiting, but a simple loose plait will create nice (fairly tighter) waves while you sleep. The higher up you can start this the better - so you don't end up with half straight, half wavy hair!

A double bun (or Miley Cyrus)
Similarly with option one, this creates lovely loose waves but almost with double the texture, as you're getting two twists in, instead of one. Simply gather half your hair into a high pigtail and twist the whole thing (again, keep it smooth to avoid frizz) and clip/tie into place with a soft hair-tie. Repeat on the other side!

Then hop into bed and let your hair do the hard work!

My favourite is option one, as it's just so simple and you do get a really nice effect from it, plus while the weather is warm, I much prefer to sleep with my hair off of my face! So it's a win, win! Of course a little bit of taming & fussing is required the morning after, but generally this is how I've been 'styling' my mane lately (I can't wait to get it cut, asap!) Plus I also find that because my hair has dried this way, rather than using a tool - it actually lasts a lot longer and doesn't drop out throughout the day. Bonus! 

Will you be giving this a try?
How do you create loose, beachy waves?



  1. Lovely post, I always do option one, works every time! x


    1. I wish is known about it before, would've saved me many bad hair days haha! :) xx

  2. I think plaiting it is the best way to give natural waves. Especially with a french or deutsch plait. This helps to tame the frizz too.

    1. I bet! I can't do any fancy plaits really, so I have to stick to that one for now :) xx

  3. haha i feel like my arm is always going to fall off when i use flat irons or curling irons too! great hair tips! what is your hair naturally like?

    1. Thank you! Haha! :) it's actually quite straight normally. If I let it dry naturally there will be a slight wave to it, but with any heat it's dead straight (thick and frizzy too - great!) xx

    2. ahh you have such nice hair :) wish mine was more like that. it's so wavy so i think i need heat to make it straight or give it smoother waves!

  4. I really don't like using a lot of heat on my hair but love this sort of look, this is the perfect solution! You've got such lovely, long hair, I think it's great that you're inspiring a more natural way of achieving the same look.

    Jade | skinsweet

    1. Thank you jade! :) it definitely is a nice alternative, especially if you're trying to give your hair a break from heated tools! Glad you liked it :) xx

  5. I usually sleep with a bun in my hair (as my arm almost drops off too when I've gotten half way around my head with a curling wand) but unfortunately my poker straight hair never keeps the wave :(
    Daniella x

    1. Ah that's a shame! Have you tried with slightly damp hair? Xx

  6. hello there! obsesssssed with your blog. just went and followed pretty much every way i could! so hi, from your newest follower. mainly so intrigued by your studies of italian. know a little, want to be fluent in the. worst. way!

    can't wait to read up! ciao, xo


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