Friday, 4 July 2014

Every Day Goodness

After my previous attempt at vlogging, I'd been pondering over what to do next. 

I tried (and failed) at the twenty-five facts 'tag,' ultimately deciding that I'm far too awkward for Youtube - and that I laugh, a lot, about ridiculous things. So I thought I'd try my hand at capturing 'little snippets' in video form. Basically all the everyday things I've been up to, seen or experienced when I have a bit of time to enjoy to myself.  

I really love blogging about the day to day, even if they're not my most 'popular' types of post. I enjoy having them to look back on and I thought it might be nice to try make it into a video! Tinkering with iMovie is my new (frustrating) hobby... I can't get enough. It's a love/hate thing. 

So here's my compilation of every day goodness! From getting ready in the morning, to a spot of painting, bread making and tickles with my favourite animals.  

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  1. Hi Sam! I'm so glad i've come across your blog, it has a mix of everything that I like! Also great video, I like the cooking part (I know what you mean about iMovie, somethings I think I've got it then it frustrates me again!)

    Looking forward to more posts and videos :)

    Hanh x |hanhabelle

    1. Thank you so much Hanh! That is so kind & really means a lot.

      Sam xx

  2. I can't get over how cute and snuffly your pets are! I WANT THEM! You've made such a lovely collage of your daily life there Samantha! I completely sympathise with being awkward in front of the camera - I had to make a film for a charity project a while back and couldn't keep a straight face when I was on camera! Can't wait to see more vlogs from you.

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

    1. Haha! Aw, thank you so much :) they are very 'snout-y'. Honestly, my previous video was so terrible! Maybe I'll try again another day - practice makes perfect* (*or a little bit less awkward) after all! Xx

  3. You are a master at editing! Wish I had your skills! Can't wait to see more :)

    1. Ah, thank you Kayleigh! :) honestly it took an embarrassing amount of time to put this video together haha! Skills have nothing to do with it! Xx

  4. This is such a lovely video, Sam. I loved getting a little insight into your day to day life. Your pets are so cute! I think I have a new-found appreciation for Dumbo rats! I also really like seeing your art - your painting have such a pretty, illustrative quality to them.

    I can't wait to see more of your videos!


  5. Hello Sam, im Marta from Spain, i don't know how i find your blog, but really love with it, is cute, personal, fresh, different, so nice and just lovely your pets!! really love it.

    You are a good inspiration too, because i used to post every month my day on a different way and the last months i didn't because i want to change something, and your video really inspire me.

    I' be here so see you round.

    What a wonderful way to start on saturday and find your blog.

    Besos !!!! y Hasta luego :)

  6. ok so i thought i left a comment and it didn't go through! ahhh... anyway, what i said was how much i LOVE THIS!! it was so cool to catch a glimpse of your daily life. i loved seeing the products you use (that enhance your beauty!) and your cute animals!! i think it would be neat if everyone did something like this so we can all see how similar (and different) our lives are. what camera did you use to film this? imovie can be such a pain, but it's really addicting once you get the hang of it! ps. i love your accent!! :)



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