Monday, 30 June 2014

Little Snippets #4

This Sunday, instead of staying in our pyjamas & eating all day - we actually went to Staithes!

Staithes is a lovely, very picture-esque fishing village close to Whitby, or the English seaside (if you're not from the UK!). We went to visit our friend & his children for a day of walking, exploring & taking pictures. 

It was so much fun & I can't believe how pretty Staithes is. Living in the city centre, I often miss being close to... Well, anything green. So it was really nice to go on the beach, be by the sea and generally so close to nature. My hayfever however, did not thank me so much, but it was great to breathe in plenty of fresh air and a fun day was had by all. 

What did you do this weekend?

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Hayfever Friendly Skincare

Summer is here, which for me & millions of others, means tissues & antihistamines ahoy. 

I've had hayfever since I was around seven years old and I've had a runny nose & itchy eyes every  summer since. As I've got older, it's only gotten worse - including asthma, itchy throat and general breathing through my mouth. Mm. I'm waiting for that miracle year when I don't get it at all... *sigh* a girl can dream. 

Anyway, this year I made it my mission to at least try and find some skincare that could possibly aid & soothe my sore, sensitive skin. Anyone who has hayfever will know that we now spend 99.9% of our time with a tissue to our face and that can quickly result in a Rudolph nose and chapped lips. Think an irritating, long lasting Summer cold and you're not far wrong! I know what you're thinking... Attractive. Am I right? Or, am I right?

Either way, here are some of my current heroes. Since my last 'skincare' round-up there have been a few new additions, but they've all come at just the right time and they're making this season just a little bit easier. 

First up, Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Solution. I added this to my wishlist a few months ago and as Escentual had a third off French skincare brands (and still do, if you're quick!), I thought it was about time I picked it up. I've really been enjoying this as a quick way to get off my eye make-up. Hayfever sufferers will know what I mean - any tiny speck of mascara or eyeliner that just so happens to wander into my already sore eyes and I want it all off, ASAP. And this is perfect for that. It's also really, really gentle and leaves my eye area feeling soothed and clean!

For a more thorough cleanse, I've been enjoying the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. This is another fairly new addition, but one I'm already in love with. My skin was leaning more on the dry side and even more so with the excessive tissues I've had round my nose, and even though this is a gel it's super hydrating and comes out as more of a balm. It has a very strong rose/turkish delight scent, which I love, but may be a bit much for some. However, even with the scent, I find this to be extremely gentle and doesn't irritate my sore patches any more than they already are. 

The ultimate in skin soothing - the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask. As you can probably tell, I'm running low on this stuff, but I know I will definitely repurchase it. It hydrates like nothing else I own and gets rid of a dry, sore nose overnight. I use this once a week without fail, and my skin is definitely thanking me for it. 

A product to put in the fridge is Liz Earle Soothing Eye Lotion. Yes, the fridge. You can thank me in the morning when you reach for a cotton pad and swipe this over your sore, itchy eyes and they're instantly perkier and soothed. This is heaven sent for hayfever sufferers as it's so, so gentle, yet really aids in cooling down inflammed & puffy eyes thanks to the aloe vera content. I love it! 

Finally, Nuxe Reve de Miel. This is my second pot of the stuff, after a break from using it; I'm now kicking myself for not repurchasing it sooner. It's so gorgeously thick and soothing - it's a nose-blowers dream. It's really long lasting and incredibly hydrating - my lips have never felt better. Plus, if you've got an extremely dry hooter, you could even pop a little bit around there too. Gotta love a multi-tasking product. 

General hayfever banishing tips :

♥ Keep windows & doors closed first thing in the morning and late at night - pollen is at its highest 
♥ Change bedding & pillows often - pollen will linger here
♥ Have a shower before bed & wash hair when possible - to avoid the point above
♥ Kleenex are your friend. Do not, I repeat, do not go for the crunchy kitchen roll - you will regret it
♥ Fexodenadine is the only non-drowsy tablet I've found that works this season
♥ Getting irritable with non-hayfever sufferers may not always help

What are your hayfever heroes?
I'll take any recommendations you've got! 


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Don't Say You Can't, Because You Can

This is my post - one hour, yoga class - face.

Said yoga class has been haunting me for months. Why? Because someone once said, 'it's really hard.' I let a strangers opinion of something I wanted to do, effect my choice to go, for far too long. 

Today I decided enough was enough. I hauled my ass out of bed and made it to this 'hard' Sunday yoga class. Only to find, it really wasn't that difficult. Not because I'm some kind of yoga master, but because I accepted that I would give it my best and that would be good enough. 

Rewind fifteen years or so, when me and my sister would stay at my Great Grandma's house (I've spoken about her wonderful-ness here before) and something that I will never forget her saying, while I was struggling to get to grips with painting,  was, "don't say you can't because you can." 

I'll admit, I have a huge fear of failure and I get embarrassed when I can't do things. So, going to this yoga class was such a huge hurdle for me. I was convinced, for months, that it would too hard, so I just shouldn't bother. And that is so wrong. 

We can do anything we put our minds to, and if you find yourself wanting to try something new, or need a push taking a leap of faith, however big or small, but you're worried that you can't - well, you can. If you tell yourself you can't, then you never will, but it doesn't hurt to try, does it?

It's completely easier said than done, I understand that - I've been toying with the idea of attending this silly class (which turned out to be wonderful and something I can see becoming a Sunday ritual) for so, so long. And all because I let one persons opinion effect my self-belief. That's the silliest part of all. 

So the next time you're talking yourself out of something - don't.

Because you can! 

*my post yoga face also had less than a few hours sleep thanks to hayfever, excuse those giant bags ;)

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Products of the Day #5 : Top Five MAC

Today I thought I would pull together my favourite ever MAC products.

A month or so ago, I had a £20 voucher to spend at MAC and I was absolutely spoilt for choice - possibly too spoilt for choice, as I couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was that I wanted. I asked on Twitter for some recommendations and a few came in, but I thought it might be helpful or interesting to see what my personal favourite - can't live without - MAC products are!

First up, my most reached for highlighter in my whole collection, is without a doubt the Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish (£23) This did the rounds on blogs about a year ago and everybody seemed to be going crazy for it. Naturally I couldn't resist the hype and I've been loving it since my birthday last year. It gives such a pretty, natural glow to any make-up look - I wear it almost daily. Definitely one for those who like a subtle amount of highlight for every-day wear!

Onto eyes, I feel that this is where MAC really outdo themselves - there's just so much choice! If I had to whittle it down to one eyeshadow that does a great job, no matter what season or look you're going for; it's Soba (£12.50). A muted khaki gold that makes a soft, smokey eye seem like child's play. It's so easy to sweep over the lid and create a pretty look, or even on the outer edges to add a bit of definition. To add to that, I love Powersurge (£14) eye-kohl. This isn't one of those cult MAC products necessarily, but I still think it's great. It's a golden bronze pencil that adds a special something to a somewhat ordinary eye make-up look. A close second would be Coffee eyeliner, but Powersurge is a pretty choice for Summer!

swatches : soba, powersurge, creme in your coffee & cubic 

rest of face : ysl teint touche eclat foundation, bobbi brown creamy concealer, hourglass arch sculpting brow pencil, the body shop honey bronzer & kevin aucoin scultping powder. 

Oh lipstick. This was a hard one. I don't have the worlds largest collection of MAC lipsticks, but I love every one that I do own, so this was tricky. However, one that slightly rose above the rest was Creme In Your Coffee (£15). I've spoken about this on my blog a few times now and with very good reason. It's a very pretty, muted raspberry/brown red that is wonderful for everyday wear. It's not in-your-face red, which is great for those too scared to rock a red lip throughout the day, but it's not too wish-washy either. When in doubt, I always reach for this, so that's why I feel it deserves a spot in my 'top five'! 

Finally, blusher, for which I chose Cubic (£18) as my favourite. This is a much more recent addition to my collection compared to the rest, but I've found myself reaching for it more and more lately. It's a simple, soft, muted dusky pink, which actually reminds me a little bit of NARS Douceur (one of my other all time favourites). It's not a blush I've heard much about but if you're new to blush or want a great all-rounder then I highly recommend this. It ties everything together so nicely and gives a lovely, natural flush to the face. I can't get enough!

Which are your top five MAC products?


Friday, 13 June 2014

The Sheer Summer Jumper

I love everything about this jumper.

So much so, I decided it deserved its very own post! I think the first thing that needs to be said is that this jumper cost less than £10. Yup. £9.99 to be exact (okay, so not much less - but still). I'm impressed! 

I spotted this in H&M while doing a bit of 'browsing' and as soon as I spotted it - I knew it had to be mine. I picked up a size Medium as it has a fairly relaxed fit and the Large looked a little too baggy. Needless to say, I feel like I made the right choice. It's so hard being... um. 'bigger busted,' and trying to find the perfect jumper - everything ends up making you look very 'block-y' and just generally unflattering, so I love that this has the flowy-ness that I like yet you still see my shape. 

I'm not one for getting all exposed as soon as the sun comes out and I do like to cover my arms as a general rule - so this is the perfect 'throw on & go' piece for me. I tested it out on a fairly sunny day and it was so comfortable and airy, I can see it becoming a Summer favourite. Which I'm sure is an odd thing to say about a jumper, but this is the UK after all. You never know when the clouds are coming and the heavens are gonna open!

I think this would look cute with jeans, even over the top of a dress or loosely tucked into a skirt (look at me, pretending I have any sense of style) and being monochrome, it can just about go with anything. It's love.

other details : olivia burton wonderland mink watch, etsy hamsa necklace, mac woodwinked eye shadow, revlon kiss me coral gloss, plus one ridiculous pose.

... I can't really believe I've managed to just type all that about one jumper. What can I say!?

Typically I cannot for the life of me find a link to it online (the H&M website really is terrible), but it was near the front of the store so I assume it was fairly new stock and should be in your local H&M - so sorry! But here are a few other, cheap & cheerful H&M fine knit jumpers under £15 - link, link & link

Do you wear jumpers in Summer? 


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Little Snippets #3

This weekend it was my Great Grandma's 90th birthday.
As it was such a special day, all of my dad's side of the family came together for a nice little surprise gathering at his new house, where my Grandma was brought to see it for the first time. Little did she know it was all for her! Food, drinks, banners. The lot!
I've always seen my Great Grandma as the 'wise owl' of the family - she always has plenty of good advice and I've never known anyone quite so happy in their own company as she is. My sister and I used to stay at her house a lot when we were younger and she created so many happy memories for us; she's where my love of painting comes from too, so it was nice to create a memorable day that was just all for her. 
It was great to have the majority of the family round too - it's very, very rare that we're all under the same roof (in fact, I can't even say its happened since I was a child!) so I definitely had an amusing time, to say the least!
What have you been up to lately?

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