Wednesday, 28 May 2014

25 Things I've Learnt In My Twenties

It's my birthday! And I'm the grand old age of 25.

I'll admit, I'd been panicking about turning twenty-five… Why? Well I can't exactly put my finger on it. I feel like it's a combination of; I still feel 21, I have no real direction in life, I haven't achieved what I wanted yet, oh and I still feel 21. So, as a bit of fun, I thought I would share twenty-five things I've learnt in my years up until this point; things I wish I'd know before this point and even things to take with me into the future. 

01. Nobody says 'remember the time I stayed in & ate Malteser's in my pyjamas while watching Netflix?' 
02. Having said that, do what you enjoy and do it often. Just, try to have a bit more of a social life.
03. Life is far too short to be embarrassed of the skin you're in. Love yourself.
04. Everything changes. Even you. There's nothing on this planet that won't - embrace it. 
05. No matter how much make-up you buy, your face will always look like your face - embrace that too.
06. Hot chocolate is always a good idea.
07. You're never too old to call your mum. Or want a hug. 
08. Your life doesn't need to have a definitive plan by the time you're 21. The world will not end. 
09. Let go of grudges and move on. 
10. Remember to take the time to look up, take in your surroundings & truly live.
11. Having five good friends is sometimes better than fifty flakey ones.
12. You will regret every hairstyle you've ever had.
13. And probably every fashion choice too. 
14. Never stop learning. Knowledge is wealth. 
15. Don't be afraid of the fear of failure - if it doesn't work, it doesn't matter.
16. Everyone around you is having babies & getting married. You're sat talking to your pet. That's ok.
17. You can never be too grateful, too loving or too humble.
18. Going to bed at a reasonable time is, more often than not, a very smart choice. 
19. Explore, make new friends and really see the world. There is more to it than your city. 
20. Hangovers will only get worse as time goes on. 
21. As well as your metabolism.
22. Theres no such thing as too much fun - grab every opportunity by the cojones.  
23. Smile at strangers, it will make you feel good. Even if it is confusing to some. 
24. You will see fashion statements being made of things you wore as a child. Hello scrunchies & jelly sandals. 
25. Take every day for what it is. Live in the moment and enjoy it. 

What would you add to this list? :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ella :) it is new! Only applied it a few days ago. Xx

  2. Happy birthday! these. So, so true.


    1. Thank you for reading :) glad you enjoyed it & thank you! Xx

  3. Happy birthday!
    I love this little post, :)

  4. Happy Birthday sweetheart! Really enjoyed this post! I turned 25 two weeks ago, and was like WHY AM I NOT ENGAGED ALREADY? OH SHIT THE WRINKLES WILL COME THICK AND FAST.. then realised I am happy with where I am, and that is okay :) xxx

    1. Ah thank you Zoe! :) it is pouring down here - I'd definitely exchange some wrinkles for Spanish sunshine! Hehe! Xx

  5. Happy Birthday :) You've definitely got some wisdom there - number 5 and number 18 are definitely my favourites, I am a big believer in an early bedtime and it's something I'm embracing the more time goes on! Hope you have a fantastic day!

    1. Can't beat an early bed time! It's no wonder my other half calls me a 'young fogie' hehe! Thank you! Xx

  6. Happy Birthday! It's my Mum's today too so definitely a great day to be born ; ) xx

    1. It certainly is a wonderful day to be born! I was just saying to my boyfriend how I never had a day at school when it was my birthday. (Half term) haha! Xx

  7. Happy Birthday and I just loved this post it's very inspiring to look up to people who have the knowledge to share :) I just turned 21 this year and unsure what my direction in life is yet but I always stick in with my blog and work hard so maybe I will get into a career at some point and study :) I really like how you shared your experiences and I always feel it's great as you relate to so much mines would be #14#15 and #16 :) I really want to go travelling but need to save up as this would be a great life experience and something you will always cherish :) hope you have a great day!! xxx

    1. Ah I'm so glad you enjoyed it :) definitely encourage travelling, I feel like it's definitely a life changing experience for the most part! Xx

  8. Happy Birthday Sam! I loved this post, it's all so true! Especially hangovers, metabolism and going to bed at a reasonable hour :) I'm not quite sure when this happens to people, but I think a lot of people can relate. Enjoy your day x

    Sarah// A Sunday Smile

  9. Happy 25th Sam! Hope you're having a lovely birthday. Thanks for posting this great list - I especially loved the part about grabbing life by the cojones ;) I feel a lot of the time that I'm missing out, but it's probably my fault for choosing my laptop or books over anything people-related. I'll make it my goal to accept more invites and do more fun things this summer in honour of your list!

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  10. Happy Birthday :). I really need to work on some of these, like the social life!

  11. Happy birthday! great list and all are very true :)

    Aissa || Aissa Carmela

  12. I absolutely loved reading this post! I'll be turning 21 in July, so will definitely be taking these on board x

    lillies and lipbalm

  13. I absolutely love this post! Number 8 has especially helped me right now, it was just what I needed to read...funny how a little sentence can have such a big impact. Hope you had a fabulous birthday! x

    Josie’s Journal

  14. your post has been linked in my may favorite blog posts ^^ ♥

  15. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day.

    Such a great post - I turned 25 in April and I definitely had a few "Oh my goodness, I don't have a mortgage, a husband and a baby yet" moments. Where does that come from?! I definitely don't look at my friends who are the same age or older and wonder why they don't have any of those things - it is so ridiculous to hold yourself to much stricter rules that you would anyone else!

    I definitely agree with the importance of travelling and of an early bedtime (although I can never seem to stick to that myself). Also: "Everyone around you is having babies & getting married. You're sat talking to your pet. That's ok." Yup. I came home from work tonight and fed the cat and guinea pigs before I cooked for myself. I'm okay with that!



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