Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Bed-head on a Budget

Ah, bed-head. 

The effortless look we all want, but in reality it takes a fair bit of work (unless you're very lucky in the hair department - then I envy you). It seems every brand has something to offer when it comes to achieving 'I woke up like this' hair, but not having mega bucks (Oribe/Bumble & Bumble, I'm looking at you) to literally spray away, I thought I'd have a look at what the highstreet had to offer. 
The first obvious purchase was the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray. Everyone seems to be raving about this as an Oribe dupe, and at £6.99 vs a whopping £38, I can easily see which one I'd prefer to spend my money on. It does what it says on the tin - volume; check! bounce; check! I think I got a bit heavy handed this time round, but with precision and aimed at the roots, this really does add a nice lift to my hair. It can feel a little crunchy (again, my heavy handed-ness is probably to blame here) but it's something I'll definitely be reaching for when things are looking a little flat & bottom heavy.

Another product I love for a bed-head-esque barnet is the Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray. Firstly, it smells wonderful. Secondly, it definitely delivers on the sea salt, textured, lived-in front. It's a great pick me up for second day hair & adds just enough of everything (volume, texture, grit) to achieve quick and easy bed-head on the go. 

If your hair is looking extra flat or you don't have many layers to your cut, Vo5 Give Me Texture adds plenty of … well … texture! It also contains sea salt, so you get a similar effect to the Toni & Guy offering but more of a dry spray, rather than wet mist. Overall, I love this for applying to curled hair to add a bit of definition & texture! 

I love each one for different reasons, but I think my favourite thing of all is that you can buy all three for less than the price of one higher-end product. Schwing!

What are your favourite products for achieving a bed-head-esque look?



  1. I too love this look and can also not bring myself to part with the required cash for Oribe/Bumble & Bumble, despite the raving! So thanks for these recommendations. I think I'll be taking up your suggestion of the Charles Worthington spray.

  2. Your hair looks so pretty, I love the messy, beachy waves look. I have thick, curly hair so mine always looks like I just rolled out of bed, haha.

    boho vanity ♡

  3. Serious hair envy! Lucky lady :) xx

    1. Honestly I haven't been to the hairdressers for 8 months & my roots are outta control! Haha, I'm thankful messy/outgrown hair is 'in' - it's saving me some money, that's for sure! Xx

  4. Your hair looks ammmmazing, so perfect for the summer.

    Jess x

    1. Thank you Jess! So desperate for a cut/colour though! :) xx


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