Thursday, 30 January 2014

Unsung Beauty Heros

You could call this my January favourites…

But, instead of blogging specifically about brands or products that are already raved about by Bloggers (something I'm subconsciously guilty of - who isn't?), I figured I would mention different products that may not be on everyones radar at the moment - but that doesn't make them any less awesome. 
First up, and with good reason, is Weleda Skin Food (£8.95). It's a multi-purpose, vegetarian friendly, super hydrating face and body cream that has literally been heaven sent for me during these colder months. I seem to have developed extremely dry... wait for it... eyelids. Yes. Dry eyelids. I'm talking rough, flakey, reptile-esque skin... Mm. Anyway, as a general rule I have combination skin, so having eyelids as dry as the Sahara has been very perplexing for me. I'm still unsure where or how it happened! Having used every moisturiser I had available, I swiped on Skin Food and a) it was the first not to sting and b) it was the first to make a noticeable, hydrating difference. It's soothing, thick, and only has a subtle fragrance, plus it's free from preservatives, parabens and synthetics. I would highly, highly recommend this to anyone struggling with extreme dry patches, anywhere on their face or body!
Mac Impressive Sheen Supreme (£15.50) is one of my favourite all-rounders as far as lipsticks go. This is so hydrating, smooth and pigmented, it's just easy to grab & go if you're in a rush. It's a wonderful dusky rose, brown shade that, I think, goes with any make-up look - from a smokey eye, to a subtle barely there face, it's perfect! I always have this in my bag as my go-to!
Next up, Wella SP Luxe Oil (£19.95). Having long, thick hair can have its advantages, but honestly washing, drying and combing my hair has become one of my most hated chores. That is until I picked up this little beauty, after having my hair done at Sassoon in Manchester. It was on offer for £10 at the time (absolute bargain) and it's something I would definitely repurchase. It's a clear product that contains Argan, Almond and Jojoba oil, all of which have wonderful healing, smoothing and nourishing properties. It's extremely lightweight but effective and smooths & detangles my hair like a dream. I rarely use straighteners after drying anymore, as the usual frizz has reduced by at least 70%. I apply this both when my hair is wet, and as a smoothing treatment once my hair is dry - oh and it also smells incredible; very sweet and peachy. What's not to love?
As for fragrance, I've been loving this miniature Jo Malone scent in Blackberry & Bay (£39). Jo Malone seems to be having her moment in the blogging world at the minute and having loved their perfumes for nearly five years now, I can understand why! However, because of that, I think this is a very over-looked scent, but it's absolutely wonderful in its own right. With earthy yet fresh notes, it's an ideal winter/spring scent - and not one I would actually normally choose, but there's something about it that has me hooked! I'd definitely recommend you give it a whiff the next time you pass their store.
left : Sugarbomb. right : Impressive

And finally; it goes without saying that Benefit is a very popular brand but their Sugarbomb Blush (£23.50) isn't something I'd heard too much of (although apparently it's one of the UK's best selling blushes?). The beautiful blend of shimmery colours in the box struck me straight away and I think the name really is relevant as it gives just the most perfect 'glow' and hint of colour! The peach, rose, plum and pink blend works wonderfully together, and again it is something that I feel can go with so many different looks. I do love a versatile product! It is shimmery, but not too in your face, and I would personally say this works best on pale to medium skin tones. 

Have you tried any of these products?
What's your favourite unsung beauty hero?



  1. Oooh I've never tried the supreme Mac lipsticks but that's such a nice colour!
    Blog of Bits and

    1. It really is pretty! Quite like the formula too for this time of year as they're really thick, moisturising and glossy :) xx

  2. I LOVE the look of the MAC lipstick. After spending a little too long thinking about wedding makeup and deciding to do it myself I have been looking for a lipstick that will suit my EXCESSIVELY dry lips... This may be it! thanks chica! p.s I LOVE YOUR POSTS SO MUCH! xxxx

    1. Aww thank you so much! I think you should definitely try out this range as they're really great for hiding any amount of chapped lip :) it's a lovely neutral colour too! Let me know how you get on! Xxx

  3. The MAC lipstick is gorgeous! It looks perfect for the autumn/winter and sounds great for cooler weather too!


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