Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Meet The Sloths : Photo Diary

I don't really think this post needs much of an introduction...

...But for those at the back, or anybody new - *waves*,  at the end of May I went on a trip of lifetime to the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. I spent two weeks volunteering; feeding, cleaning & being sniffed at by the wonderful creature known as the sloth. They all had their own little personalities and fourteen days was a perfect amount of time to get to know them. It was love at first, short sighted, glance.

The Sloth Sanctuary was based in a small, sleepy town called Cahuita. Following a 20 minute bumpy bus ride you would find yourself in its centre. Reggae music filled the air, the food was cheap yet delicious with a mix of Caribbean/Hispanic menu's; it was easy to find something for everyone. The beach was peaceful and adjacent was a National Park trail which was home to some naughty monkeys, wild sloths and some impressive looking army ants! Every which way you turned there was something traditional and unique to admire. Being such a small place it is fairly untouched by tourism, so I would 100% recommend visiting if you're ever in that area!

And here are some of the images I captured while out there!

(My favourite sloth was Melaza! See below)...
And there you have them... In all their snout-y glory. 

Honestly, sloths will always be my favourite animal. Theres a lot to learn from a species that has a permanent 'smile' on its face and a very relaxed approach to life. They're a lot quicker and a lot smarter than their docile faces will have you think, too!
Looking back over all of these photos, my favourite memory would be when Melaza, the sloth, decided to stop me for a wash while I was in her enclosure. It started on my hand, then my arm and then my face. What can I say? I must taste nice to sloths!

I couldn't love them anymore if I tried! I still can't quite believe it all really happened, but I feel like the luckiest person on the planet for it. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos!


Monday, 29 July 2013

Where Have You Been?

*Watches as tumbleweed blows over TinyPaintPot*


So my sloth pictures didn't seem to quite make it onto my blog (although that doesn't mean to say they never will) but when faced with hundreds upon hundreds of photos to edit, resize and upload, I decided to flee the scene and jump ship for a while... 

Shortly after abandoning nearly all of my social media outlets, I started volunteering at a lovely little Primary School and finally started making waves on my, *fingers crossed*, future career. A month passed, I gained over 160hrs of experience (I was there practically every day - I liked it that much) and now school is over for the Summer. I was up at 5am, back home at 5pm and falling asleep by 9pm, which left for very little time in between to do, well, anything!

Having said that, I have quite enjoyed a mini-break from these things. It has given me a new perspective, some new ideas and hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things now that I have some free time on my hands.

Blogging is supposed to be fun, after all, and while I can appreciate it is how some people make a living, it just isn't that necessary for me to blog every day and promote it every hour of said day. Although it is lovely to see your blog grow and receive emails from people who read it, not blogging for a while isn't the end of the World, nor will it ever be, for me.

One thing for sure is that this break has definitely made me admire those that do hold down a full time job and still blog. Kudos to you, my friends. Kudos to you.

Anyway, I hopefully wil have lots of interesting things to share over the Summer before starting at school once again.

Maybe I will just pick a sloth picture that expresses how I'm feeling that day and attach it to the end of every post? Yes?
Today I am HANGRY. As always.

So, how have you been?
Peace, love & sloth snouts
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