Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Life Lately

A little update!

I think this little pile of books sums my life up quite nicely at the moment; driving lessons, Life of Pi & more driving lesson things.

So last night I got in contact with a driving instructor. If we rewind back six years or so, I started to learn to drive - I had a terrible instructor (and generally couldn't afford to be shouted at) so I dropped after seven lessons and never really spoke about it again. Until recently. 

I feel like driving will give me a lot of freedom, and as a Gemini / a person with 'Wanderlust' that is pretty important to me! Also, I have this year 'free' as I didn't get onto my PGCE Primary course (every cloud & all that), so it seems like the perfect time to do it. I have my DVA Theory Test disc & AA books at the ready to help me, as I'm definitely starting from scratch again! My first lesson is on Monday and I'm really kinda nervous, although this new teacher seems nice & friendly so I'm sure all will be ok.

Next up is Life of Pi. I went to see the film last Wednesday and fell in love with it. I'm guilty of not reading the book beforehand, but as soon as I got home from the cinema I went straight online & bought it. I couldn't recommend everyone go see it enough. Take tissues - is all I'm saying. 3D glasses can only hide you for so long! (although you might not all be such big babies as me). It's a truly beautiful film, and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to the book. 

Speaking of buying, I figured I would talk about the spending ban! The only thing I have bought is said book, which I didn't particularly mention in my personal 'rules' (aka. in my eyes I haven't cheated!). I don't think I could have resisted buying it, the film just touched me too much not to give it a go. Apart from that I genuinely haven't spent a penny of makeup, skincare or eating out in town.

I thought I'd do a little collection of things I would have probably already bought by now if wasn't for the little nagging voice in the back of head saying, "wait until April!"

I've wanted Russian Red for so long now, I can't wait until this is over so I can buy it! Nail Envy is because I'm hoping to grow my nails, finally, this year and this looks like a product that will help battle many years of chewing them. The lip perfectors have always looked lovely and they're still there in my 'must buy soon' part of my mind! What are you lusting after?

How is your spending ban going, if you're doing it, and what are you looking forward to achieving this year?


  1. You have to get Fresh Sugar lip balms! I swear by them. I live in Alaska- so my lips are usually dry and chapped. But then I discovered this and no more! I think I've tried almost every color.

  2. Oo, no haha now I really want them! Thank you though, I think they'll be one of the first things I buy in April :)


  3. Good luck with your driving lessons! I really wish I'd started them when I turned 17 but the thought of actually driving freaks me out (as well as the cost of it all!) Maybe one day though :)

    I'll definitely be ordering one of the Fresh Sugar lip balms when this spending ban is over, they sound fab! xx

    1. I have nightmares about being in a car and breaks not working! Haha, I'm definitely worrying about it. But a good teacher can help you do anything, so here's hoping! :) xx

  4. Your old driving instructor sounds awful! I hope your new one is much much nicer :) When I was learning to drive my teacher was awesome and when I passed my test I actually missed having chats with him!

    I really want to see Life of Pi but no one wants to see it with me. I think I'll try to read the book instead! I'm doing well on my spending ban too and the only thing I've bought is some books for uni :D

    1. He was pretty bad. Shouting 'put the clutch down! Put the clutch down!' in busy traffic to a stressed out teenager didn't really win me over haha! You should definitely see the movie, apparently its one of those rare situations where the movie is better than the book :) well done on not spending! Xx

  5. I also had a horrible driving instructor. There was one lesson where I really had a migrane, I totally didn't want to do the lesson and he shouted at me for making a mistake. I burst into tears (!!) and that was the end of that. I hope you have much more luck with your new one :) its all about finding the nice ones!

    1. Aw that sounds awful! Yep, I cried in my lesson too. Hoping I won't be doing that again haha! She sounds nice so fingers crossed it works out :) xx

  6. Good luck with the driving, great post :)


  7. trying the opi at this moment!think its a good one!

  8. I've heard so many good things I can't wait to try it :) xx

  9. I love Life of Pi, and I have that same copy of the book :)
    I also really want OPI nail envy, everything raves about it and my nails are a bit frail after so much polish.
    Good luck with the driving
    Daniella x

  10. Life of Pi was amazing, I saw it last night. I would go so far as to say probably lifechanging. Let us know if the book is as good!

  11. good luck for your driving lesson! You sure will do good

    Love Storm

  12. Great blog! I would like to invite you to my blog. Let's follow each other ;)
    xxx from Spain


  13. I really need to get on a spending ban! I haven't been buying much lately, so that is a plus! If I were to cut out things though, it would have to be fast food. I almost always eat out, so I'm trying to cook more. I think that will help my wallet tremendously! As for the OPI Nail Envy, I can tell you that it works! I haven't used it properly in awhile, so my nails are back being there brittle selves, but it does work! My nails grow and they become strong! I vote "Yes!" for when you can purchase items again! Also, I want to try that lip treatment as well. I love the packaging and I've heard great things about them!Good to know that Life of Pi is a good movie. I'll have to go one day to see it! :)
    --Ciara <3

    P.S.: [sorry! i feel like i'm writing too much, but i just thought of some things, lol!] Tip: Check Amazon for the purchase of OPI. I think that it might be cheaper. I paid around $8-10 USD. Not sure if it will be cheaper in euros, but just in case! Also, congrats on driving lessons! I pray that they will be a success! I'm a Gemini as well and I finally got a method of transportation! It's so nice to get up and go! :D

  14. Good luck with the driving lessons! I hated my first instructor so I got a female one instead. I know thats a bit silly but have a woman really put me at ease.

    I managed to pick up Life of Pi for 20p in the kindle sale the other week, haven't had a chance to read it yet so you've definitely encouraged me to make it next on my list!

  15. Good luck with the lessons. I had the same thing and I still haven't gotten round to doing any more lessons. Soon my younger sister will be driving and she's 7 years younger than me!
    Also where did you get your diary? I'm still on the search for a cute one! xxx


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