Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mini MAC Haul : Naked Lunch, Soba & Creme in Your Coffee

Having worked my butt off the past few weeks, I thought I would treat myself to a couple of new make-up bits.

You cant really move or look anywhere in the blogosphere without getting some kind of MAC recommendation. I've used this brand since I got my first foundation & brush of theirs for Christmas when I was 15... So that's a fairly long love affair. My particular favourites are their lipsticks & eye-shadows as there are just so many shades to choose from!

After watching a few Youtube videos (Tanya Burr & Essie Button mainly!) I decided to opt for eye-shadows; soba & naked lunch and lipstick; creme in your coffee, plus the infamous 217 eye-shadow brush. I'd heard so many good things about all of the above that it just seemed natural that I would love them.

And I do.

Naked Lunch £12 - described as a 'minimal pink with shimmer'. 

It is pretty much just that. I would say its a beautiful pale natural pink with gold specks and a nice amount of shimmer. It isn't too over the top, I'm not particularly a 'pink' kinda girl, especially when it comes to make-up, so this is just perfect for me.

It brightens my whole eye up and looks particularly pretty on the inner corners or generally all over the lid. I'm really pleased I chose this as I don't have anything else like it!

Soba £12 - described as a 'gold brown with gold shimmer'.

Again, I would say the description is pretty much spot on. I like my eye-shadows to have a shimmer to them, personally, I think they look nicer on me than matte shades (although I do have a few of those too!). On my lids I find Soba to almost have a khaki element to it, but overall still light brown. Despite the colour in the pan, it is very subtle and you can easily create a simple smoky eye with it too! I think this is a really nice shade for Autumn/Winter & again, I'm pleased I picked it!

Créme in Your Coffee £14 - described as a 'creamy mid-tone pink brown'.

Firstly, I don't think the swatch on the site does it justice and I would definitely, on my lips anyway, say it has a more red brown tint to it. I absolutely love it though, it is the perfect Autumnal shade; incorporating the whole berry lip trend, while being sheer but build-able and moisturising all in one!

It is fairly long lasting, maybe around the two hour mark, which is fine by me. This has definitely become a favourite and goes really well with a little Soba on the eyes too.

217 Blending Brush £17 - an oval shaped blending and shading brush.

I mean, who hasn't heard of this brush? I'm pretty sure you will never see a make-up tutorial that doesn't include this brush. Everybody raves about it, a make-up bag isn't complete without one... It really does the job, and does it well. As much as I am a fan of my Real Techniques Brushes, this one is a very nice addition. It blends eye-shadows together like a dream - no more block colours or un-smudged outlines - this does it all.

I'd always managed doing my make-up with a total of three brushes in the past (foundation, eye-shadow and blush brush) - now I seem to have an ever growing collection. This is a great little brush & is definitely worth all the hype.

And there you have it! My new additions.
What MAC products have you been liking recently? I already have Russian Red, Ricepaper & Powersurge on my wishlist for the future! 


Friday, 19 October 2012

Smile! Herbert Says So.

Having heard some bad news yesterday, I was instantly on the lookout for something/someone/a certain hedgehog, to cheer me up.

Herbert did just the job. He's so funny, especially on a morning when he's either one extreme or the other - crazy wriggly or snoozy tired. Luckily for me, yesterday was a wriggly day. As I was laying on the sofa, he crawled all over the place; at one point coming right up to my face to sniff a 'hello' (or at least, in my imagination). He's now six months old and a lot more comfortable with us picking him up, 'stroking' him and even having a DSLR pointed in his face (without the flash, obviously). He's such a perfect pet.

Within a couple of minutes my mood was lifted. Its days like that that make you appreciate everything you have around you, be it animals or people. As sad as these things are, it is always a good reminder to live everyday to the fullest, not to dwell on the bad but carry on and look at all the good you already have, normally thats right in front of your face.
I also know its been a while since I updated Herbert's progress, so here are a couple of my favourite photos that I thought I'd share with you.

I hope he puts a smile on some of your faces as much as he does mine :)


Monday, 15 October 2012

Dr Dre Beats Studio Headphone Review

A week or so ago, I was lucky enough to be contacted by PR Eleanor asking me whether I would like to review some Dr Dre Studio Headphones thanks to Ladbrokes new music inspired game 'Vinyl Slots'.

Having reviewed headphones on my blog before, I was very keen to try some more!

I always think it is cliche to say 'music really helps me/means a lot to me'... but, well, it does. As I attended a performing arts school, music was at the forefront of everything, this is where my love developed and I picked up playing the saxophone. Since then I have been an avid fan of all different types of music, whether I'm walking to the shop or doing some work; its guaranteed music will be on somewhere. Therefore, finding the right pair of headphones has always been on the list of things to find - perfect headphones = perfect music experience.

When the headphones arrived; its instantly clear to see, you've received the whole deal; great packaging, quality headphone case, cleaning cloth, noise cancelling battery, 4.26 foot long connector cable with a standard 3.5 mm connector / Monster iSoniTalk Cable , instruction manual - everything you need to set up & get it all working quickly.

Immediately I loved the sleek design, even if they aren't great headphones, I thought, at least they look good! They also have a collapsable feature so they fit nicely into their carry case, something I've never really seen before! Once putting them on my head, they felt extremely comfortable. The swivelling ear-cups and adjustable headband make them comfy and easy to adjust to fit your head perfectly. There is a little weight to them, but nothing unbearable.

I plugged them in to my iPhone, as this is my preferred/most frequently used method of listening to music at the moment.

After switching on the headphones my ears were greeted with a whole lot of bass. The first thing I noticed is the noise cancellation feature, while sat in a noisy room with the tv on I could hear absolutely nothing of the background interference, however when I took them off its evident everybody else can hear exactly what you're listening to.

I listened (read: sang & danced) through a very varied playlist - from Lianne La Havas & The Black Keys to Ludovico Einaudi, it was easy to tell that despite what genre you were listening to the headphones do an amazing job of picking up new instruments you may never have heard before in that song. The bass is strong but not overpowering and adapts to individual songs; obviously they sound like they are more suited to Hip Hop/ R&B / Bass heavy songs but they genuinely sound great with everything I listened to.

Other unique features are the fact that you can mute the song by pressing down on the right ear-cup incase you need to listen to someone or hear whats around you if outside. The headphone iSoniTalk cable also contains a microphone button enabling you to make/take calls with them on! Pretty handy if you ask me.

Overall, I am very impressed with these headphones. The bass is party-esque-on-yo-head all the while; comfortable, easy to use and stylish. They're everything I'd look for  to make listening to music even more enjoyable - I absolutely love them!

You can get your mitts on these headphones here (click!) & once again thank you to Ladbrokes for the opportunity; you can check out their new game here (click!) where you can win big cash prizes!
What do you think? Have you tried these headphones before?


pr sample*


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Life Recently!

Woah! It has been a while! Sorry little blog. I wont get into excuses but I just thought I'd catch up with everyone and make sure you all know I am actually alive!

I've been so busy recently, my computer has turned into an instrument of work & no play ... *runs off to go do a job as soon as I started typing this*...

I havent really had a moment to myself where I could just sit down & blog/edit pictures/enjoy myself. Luckily, the busy spell is coming to a bit of an end and I've finally found myself here! Woohoo. I always feel like my blog is a personal representation of myself, so if I don't have anything good going on, chances are this place will go a bit quiet. Hope you don't mind!

Anyway, apart from working, I had a little chance to paint Herbert a few weeks back. I loved doing it - actually fully chuckling while drawing, and I really can't wait to get properly back into painting. I have a commissioned piece to work on (first ever! If I can get it right *fingers crossed*) plus a few gift/blog type ideas floating around. All going well, they'll end up on here, so maybe you'll see them soon!

Another exciting 'thing' is that tomorrow I apply for my PGCE in Primary Education, second time lucky I'm hoping/praying! After having this year off, its made me realise how much I really want this to work out. My three choices will be Leeds, Leeds and Leeds, so I won't be going anywhere too far! Please keep all things crossable - crossed for me!

I have a more normal post coming up shortly, so you wont have to deal with me rambling for too much longer! Blog soon!
Have a nice Sunday!


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