Monday, 27 February 2012

My Portfolio.

I've wanted a portfolio for as long as I've been taking photos. To have a little space online where all my best work is kept & available for me to see whenever I want. And now that has finally happened!

I used 500px to create my site, then spent a full day uploading my favourite photos and even more time messing around with layouts & logos! (probably all things I shouldn't be doing when I have a deadline in four weeks - but ho hum!).

I would love to extend my photography into other areas; baby & children's portraits, events, fashion, maybe even wedding photography - but all in good time. I guess this will hopefully help get the word out there :)

A lot of my portfolio is Spain and travel shots, but I have other categories which will be filled up over time!

I'm really pleased with how it has turned out & would recommend 500px for anyone else wanting to start their own portfolio too! I'd also love to see of your work - leave me some links!

And if anyone would be interested in working with me, please have a look at my site &/or contact me through my blog or portfolio :)

Thank you.


Saturday, 25 February 2012

Spring Inspired: Colour Me Pastel.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

The UK experienced some pretty freak February weather this week and it actually reached temperatures of above 10 degrees (Well done Mother Nature!) - it gave me a very nice reminder that Spring is on its way and I could actually take my scarf off; some were even walking around with no coat, but ... maybe that's a little extreme.

It also reminded me that my wardrobe needs a huge Spring overhaul. I've been hidding under Winter jumpers since the first hint of cold weather (I am a bit of a whimp and will always prefer to be warm than 'fashionable').

So on my online route around, I found some pretty nice items I thought I would share with you all. I'm absolutely loving the pastel influence this year and I can't wait to inject my clothes with some much needed colour! - I also really want to try the Garnier bb Cream. Has anyone tested it yet? :)

What Spring style will you be going for?

Resources used;

Dafont - Bebas &
MissTiina Skinny Jeans font

Thursday, 23 February 2012


MAC Lipstick: Whirls & Twirls | NARS Sheer Glow Foundation: Santa Fe | HD Brow Palette: Foxy.

This week my hair has decided to take on a whole new shade of - what should be - brown, and gradually faded to red (ish).

Now, I have zero problems with redheads - I think it's a gorgeous colour if you can pull it off or are naturally blessed with it. But me? I'm not enjoying it.

It clashes with generally everything I own, and after a £115 haircut (yes, silly me) the last thing you expect after two + weeks of carefully washing it is for it to become ginger. But it is. And I'm going to have to deal with it until I can afford to get it corrected! - Which will hopefully be in the next few weeks; I can't walk around with the urge to put a bag on my head much longer.

Anyway, enough moaning/being vain.

Other stuff;

My PGCE (Teacher Training) application is officially sent and being processed for York St Johns & Manchester Met - so fingers crossed it all goes well! :)

Pancake day was amazing, and made my first real batch of pancakes! (not difficult I know, but when you assume they naturally come from a bottle that you add water to...) Nutella & bananas were the choice of this house!

I went shopping with my little sister for her birthday 'outfit' - she turns 21 this St Paddys Day and I guess I should stop calling her 'little'. It was also the easiest shopping trip I think I've ever been on in my life! We got the dress after only looking in two shops and shoes straight from Office! She's going to look lovely :) now I just have to find me something!

I've lost 4lbs! Apparently. I hopped on the scales the other day (generally avoid them as I believe its all about how I feel, rather than what the dreaded machine says) but I thought I'd have a peek at how my new 'healthy lifestyle' was doing; and so far, so good! I've cross trained, done pilates and been swimming this week and enjoyed them all! So it's nice to see a little weight shifted too, always a bonus :)

Becoming one of my favourite meals; chicken, wholewheat noodles, light soy sauce, red onion, pepper, half a red chilli, garlic & ginger, sweetcorn and carrot. Mm!

Hope your week is treating you well!


Friday, 17 February 2012

Love, alpro, portfolio.

This week has been lovely. You know, if I focus on the very good things and not my ever looming dissertation deadline.

♥  Valentines day was wonderful & nice to be able to spend it together (last year I was eating tapas with my american language assistant amigos!) I spent the day at uni, unfortunately! But then later we went out to Fazenda for dinner - meat eater heaven - vegetarians don't bother!

♥ I'm in the process of changing my 'lifestyle'. A little ambitious? Maybe. But, many moons ago I was once a vegan, for a good 6-8 months. Me and my insides (but not my skin) loved the vegan lifestyle. It was a great, pure, feeling; knowing that everything you are putting in was from the Earth and can really do no harm to you or your body. However, my skin broke out a lot and I was lacking in some major vits! - my own fault, might I add, it is completely possible to have a vegan diet with every single thing you need in it!

♥ Anyhoo, as you can see - Alpro Soya is now back in my life. I'm nowhere close to being vegan, or want to be right now, but as someone who suffers with IBS & possibly a slight lactose intolerance; this is the perfect alternative for me. I've also invested in some 'Yakults' for healthy tummy bacteria and I've revamped my 'diet' to include a lot more veg, wholemeal, brown rice/pasta and lean meat/fish.

♥ On day one (seriously) of having a yakult, alpro, pear and green tea breakfast my stomache was feeling fantastic for the first time in weeks and so to anyone out there who may be thinking of some new foods to try or has upset tummy issues - I would maybe give these a go :)

♥ I'm working on a portfolio! Which is exciting and something I've always wanted to do with my photos - even if it's just for me to have them nicely displayed all in one virtual place! I'll hopefully be finishing it this weekend and will have a post about it soon.

How has your week been? :)

Resources used;

Photoshop template v2

HT Gelateria Font


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Noteworthy Fonts: Lost Type Co-op.

The Lost Type Co-Op.

I stumbled across this awesome little site a while back. It's full of really great fonts with the unique feature being that you can choose how much you want to pay for them - the first of its kind.

The power is in your hands! You can pay whatever you wish. The option to put in '0' is there too - which means you will get the font for free if you feel that is what it is worth. Although the fonts are so wonderful, I'd feel guilty taking them for nothing!

Above are a couple of my favourites :)

Hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Links Loved & Valentines Freebie.

I thought today of all days I would share the love on some of my favourite bloggers!

I am quite a big fan of Valentines day, even if it is a 'Hallmark' holiday - I still think it is nice, in the busy world that we live in, to slow down and enjoy a day with your significant other or have a lovely day by yourself :) I hope whatever you get up to, you enjoy it either way!

Here are my 'Links Loved' for this month - a mixture of bad ass runners, lovely photographers and fashion inspiration.

The Tortoise With No Hair
Bangs & A Bun
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Sarahs Scribbles
My Fat Chance
Be Pretty Fit
Remies Luxury Blog
Little Bird Fashion
Big Fashionista
The Writer-Runner
A Thrifty Mrs
Running is Magical

If you're on there, essentially I stalk you on the daily. There are also numerous others which I adore! But these are the first few that spring to mind as ones I would recommend everyone have a look at :)


Just as an extra to you all I've made a 'Valentines-y' blog photo layout. Complete with (or without) a love heart, curved corners, white/pink borders, text and drop shadow!

I hope you like it & have a wonderful Valentines day! xo

Available to download -> [Here!]

File size 83KB


Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Little Bit of Southern Spain

A while back I got the first film of my Canon AE-1 Programme developed.

I didn't take many photos as I bought it from eBay a few months from the end of my time in Spain, but it was something I'd always wanted and so with the money I made as a Language Assistant I thought I would treat myself.

When it arrived I literally had no idea how to use it. I've used digital for all of my photography life so I searched out a couple of YouTube videos to get me started (I mean everything from 'loading the film' to 'how to take a picture' - really.)

I used Kodak Ultramax 400 film for these shots, which, looking back, maybe wasn't the best exposure for what I was doing, but everything is a learning experience!

Here are my favourite ones / the only acceptable ones / one is a complete accident, can you guess which?

All images scanned by Scandango.

[Send a shoebox of photos & they'll send them back with a disc or usb plus online hosting :)]


Friday, 10 February 2012

Knowing When to Quit.

  That, would be my confused face.

   Lets not beat around the bush. I'll hit you with it quick, like taking off a plaster.

I quit. I'm NOT running Berlin.

*lets that sink in a while*

Am I injured? No. Can I not afford the travel? No. Am I just giving up? Kind of yes, kind of no.

I'm not sure really why I'm blogging about it either, 'cause lets face it - no one wants to look like a quitter. Mainly I'm embarrassed to have 'attempted' my second Half Marathon in life of which I've achieved zero. Maybe publicising this will make me think before applying to any more things in my life that I can't give 110% to.

I have numerous reasons (I know you just thought 'excuses'); but I think if I'm honest with myself, I don't have the time to do this. Now before you give me - I study full time, have a child, own a donkey, work part time at Mc Donalds, with cleaning on the side and still have time to train - first of all, well done to you, but I know me, and I struggle at the best of times with my degree, to justify sacrificing it for running would be ridiculous.

Essentially I think I'm the epitome of the duck. *quack*. Calm of the surface, paddling like crazy underneath, only to just keep my head above water. I always knew a degree in something you clawed your way onto with a D at A Level would be a challenge, but not this much of a challenge. I need every free day I can get to try my best at something that to some people comes as second nature, yet I still only get mediocre results.

Really, I should have thought before I got caught up with the end of the Team Bangs hype. I loved that day and only hoped I could run a half marathon with as much passion and excitement as those girls did; but when I agreed to a race in Berlin I didn't realise my dissertation deadline would be three days before, nor that I'd have an Italian speaking exam, a business presentation and numerous other rubbish that will predictably take up every day I have towards the end of March.


I'm lucky enough to be friends with some of the most inspirational people I['ve] ever [will] know[n]. Seeing them go out in the snow, running around London, beating all odds & PB's is an amazing thing. Enough inspiration for the entire UK and then some. I always watch & root for them in awe, but even that cannot get me out the door and into my dri fit.

I've struggled with the 'easier' weeks in my plan - I also made progress, but not enough. I've struggled finding the time. I've struggled finding the energy. Overall, my heart is just not in it.

I still love running. 

Having said all that, I still love it. It has given me knew goals, ambition and something to work towards. Its improved my fitness, made me join a gym and generally get off my ass and move more often than I've ever done before. But for now it's time to shelve it. I want to discover more classes, more ways of exercising that I really enjoy. I used to love spinning, pilates and swimming. I want to find a way of combining this new found love of exercise with my full time studies. Life is nothing if you don't enjoy it, and God only knows how much I dislike Spanish at the moment.

So, it's not the end, and hopefully at some point in my life I'll decide I'm properly ready enough to take on the huge task that is a Half Marathon.

Until then I'll say hasta luego to my dri-fit and hello library books & a huge good luck to all those running Berlin :)


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Photoshop Template v 2

Example of using templates in a blog post.

Being that I am a complete beginner at this photoshop template making business - naturally, there will be quite a few different versions appearing until I get it perfect (as with any of my art/crafty things, I'll be working on this for a looong time).

So, excuse how similar this may look to Photoshop Template v. 1 ... but this has borders and drop shadows! Exciting right?

I've gone back and applied them to the five I made, and then some more. I've also figured out how to make things 900px, so they will all be of similar size as well as border & shadow or just shadow, for those who don't like the border.

...Its quite addictive, this learning thing.


I hope you enjoy them! The other download was quite successful, although no one really left feedback, which is fine! But if you could let me know how they work for you, then at least I know I'm not wasting my time, so to speak.

Muchas gracias!

Link to Mediafire Download [HERE] - Free & Simple :)

File size 329.26kb


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Collect the moments, one by one.

[Mushaboom - Feist]

Old dirt road
Knee deep snow
Watching the fire as we grow old

I got a man to stick it out
And make a home from a rented house
And we'll collect the moments one by one
I guess that's how the future's done

So I'm now a brunette.

Or 'auburn' as some people like to call it.

It wasn't a last minute decision. In fact I think I've been playing with the idea for months now! My hairdresser has gone on her travels and so I was left to fend for myself while my roots gradually took over my head.

I opted for Sassoon Salon in Leeds. I was in there for the majority of five hours going from one extreme to another. First I had it chopped, and, yes, I do feel a little bit bald but I knew a lot of dead ends had to come off. Then I had a primer put on (which made my hair turn a lovely shade of yellow) followed by three different shades of brown. And above is the end result! I wanted something natural with lighter ends/highlights - & I guess that's what I got!

I won't lie. The change is pretty drastic, and maybe I should have really thought about how long its going to feel like I'm wearing a wig for. But, it's done now. And that's that.

I keep toying with the idea of going lighter again on my next visit, but I want to see how this pans out first :) what do you reckon?

It snowed this week! (in case anybody didn't catch that) which was nice :) I love snow. Although, mainly when I'm curled up inside with a cup of tea. I did step outside in it for a while - realising very quickly that my boots have zero grip & I seriously need to invest in some wellies!

Other things? Work, work work. I'm still in the process of applying for my PGCE which is all quite exciting. Hopefully I'll get that sent in ASAP!

Running is pretty much at a standstill right now. I always opt for Twitter as my inspiration, but when I saw even some of the most fabulous runners turning to warmth rather than falling over - I figured I would follow their lead. But, I reckon, by next week, I'll have it all back under control. Fingers crossed! Because it does seem like I've lost my mojo to be honest, "Am I setting myself up for failure?" seems to be the question on rotate in my mind. Am I meant to run? Am I just being lazy? I honestly can't decide. I guess I'll just plod along for now, and see how things turn out. I'm sure some form of enthusiasm will find me again :)

How are you all?

Resources used;

♥ Fuzzimo - Old Typewrite font
♥ MissTiina - i Heart sketches
v Tube – YouTube video editor
Photoshop templates v.2 (coming soon, promise!)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Diamond Life.

I've had this stuck in my head all week.

[Diamond Life - Deep Dish Remix]

This week :

I'm back to uni and into the final semester of my degree. I think I can speak for everyone on my course when I say, 'I'll be happy when I can have my life back'.  

Exams are over and this week I've been waiting for the results - *drum roll* the first two were disappointing, because I'd thought I'd done better in those than in the others (never a great feeling). I got a 2.2. in both my listening & translation. Grades have never really mattered to me, but for all the work I felt like I put in; just above a pass was not what I was hoping for. However yesterday I had two great moments when I got a First (93%) in my Italian reading & a 2.1 (62%) in my Spanish commentary - which I clearly must have bullshitted my way through , because that was honestly my first try!

So it's safe to say that things are improving :) - I also snapped the photo below while walking home. Reminding me that when you pause, breathe and look up things always appear better. I'm ready now to focus on my dissertation, the next set of final exams in May and applying for my teacher training.

Future :

After having a chat with my tutor, I have decided on becoming a Primary school teacher with a Modern Foreign Language! Yippee. The mixture of things I'll be able to do really appeals to me, I have a huge love of art, English and music as well as Spanish, so to be able to pass on that enthusiasm is something I'm really excited about!

I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch. I still need to get onto a PGCE course and then pass! But even the application process is making me happy; after four years - or entire lifetime of working towards a career- whichever way you want to see it, I am finally getting there, I am finally on the last leg of achieving one of my 'dreams'.

And if you're not happy about that, then what can you be?


How has your week been?

Resources used ;

v Tube - YouTube video editor

Photo-template pt 2 - coming soon.
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