Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Warm Eyes : MAC Fabulousness Palette

It seems I've gone a tad crazy for eyeshadow recently.

While I was out in the hallway playing with my ratties, my phone magically ordered one of the new Fabulousness palettes by MAC. 'Warm Eyes', to be exact.

Just from the site I could tell I would love the colours, the quirky, quilted packaging - and I do.

The majority of the time I prefer a 'warmer' tone on my eyes. I have blue eyes and yellow undertones in my skin, so I find gold based eyeshadows are more flattering than silver, so this palette seemed right up my street!

The shades are :
Left to right : Glamour Light - pale golden beige; satin finish // Retrospeck - light/medium gold subdued by brown; lustre finish // Honesty -  copper orange/brown with copper shimmer; lustre finish // Cognac - molten golden bronze; frost finish // Sketch - deep burgundy with slight sparkle; velvet finish

One word that would describe the palette is - SPARKLY! It is slight shimmer over load, but for Christmas and parties I think it would look lovely. Having used & tested the colours, I would say out of them all  'Honesty' is my favourite, followed by Sketch and Cognac. Glamour Light is my least favourite as it is a very light shade, not very pigmented and seems to disappear on my skin slightly! (although makes a nice eyebrow bone highlight).

Also, there is very little fall out from the eyeshadows, I don't own a eyelid primer, tut tut, so I would say that is a positive attribute!

Honesty all over lid, Sketch outer corner, Cognac in crease and under bottom lashes, Retrospeck inner corner, Glamour Light on brow-bone. 

This palette retails at £32, a little pricey, but the sizes are great and I can see it being well used over the Winter months. Plus, the overall look & little bow makes it a very girly & pretty gift!

Now, please, somebody keep me away from online shopping.

What do you think? What's your go-to palette?


  1. Ahh I was drooling over these when they were first released but didn't buy one! This was my favourite one of the lot, but I'm not sure how well it would go with pink undertones and hazel eyes. I love the packaging though, it's so pretty!

    I haven't parted with my Clarins Odyssey eye palette since I got, it's definitely my favourite! x

    1. Ah, I think it would look lovely on Brown/Hazel eyes, maybe put it on you Christmas list ;)

      The Clarins palette does look so nice! Although maybe I should avoiding buying anything else at the minute :) xx

  2. I actually love this and need it immediately. DAMMIT xx

  3. The packaging is just darling! :) That alone would draw me in :) the shadows are beautiful shades too, and would make a variety of looks :) I'm still a little obsessed with my Stila in the light palette... :D

    Love, Rachel

    1. Yes! Really love it's unique look :)

      Still have my eye on the Stila palette, although asked for the Naked palette for Christmas so probably not my best idea! xx

  4. Oh I love Mac's christmas stuff this year, it really is so expensive though when you compare it to the price of other palettes, a nice size though, easy to pop in a bag I suppose, can't exactly lug around your UD palette discreetly haha!

    And why on earth do you need a different black eyeliner? This one looks lovely and applied with skill ;) xx

  5. The set is so pretty! The colors look fabulous on you.

  6. None of the things in this holiday collection had really caught my eye... Until I saw this post! This is definitely on my list now! haha Just started following you. xx

  7. this is a gorgeous set- your eyes look amazing too x x


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