Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Tiny Paint Pot

Well, who woulda thought it?!

I'm back on Blogger. I've imported all my posts from my previous blog & essentially this will be exactly the same; content, humour, over exaggerated way of typing, etc.

It's never an easy decision to up sticks & move (so to speak) but I have many reasons and it is something I was thinking about for a long, long time!

The main reason is that I am hoping to go into the teaching profession (surprise! not all bloggers want to work in PR/live in London/blog for a living etc.) - with that comes a certain sense of paranoia and your 'internet trail'. There was nothing at all bad on my previous blog, however I just wanted to remove my name (or at least most of it).

Also, I love the 'blogger' community - although it will take a while to adjust I'm sure we'll get along like a house on fire!

I guess at least one person is wondering what the name of this place means? Blog names are hard to think up, aren't they? I guess thats why I went with something so obvious last time!

Essentially, I use a small paint pot to paint with. Its a cute little thing and its where all good, creative subjects come from. This is what I want this little space of the internet to be. I also want to draw a lot more & with a name like this; I guess I have to!

So make a brew, have a nosey round and make yourself feel at home!

Chat soon!



  1. I totally understand your fear of the internet trail; I DO live in London and want to work in fashion and PR but it still freaks me out a bit!

    Laurie at xx

  2. Yay! Its good to have you on blogger! I also think you made a good decision in trying to remove any "trail" - I also experience that paranoia of being found and I have a "blogging name" so theoretically nobody could ever find me! But I still have it! :)

  3. Yay!! It's so good to see you here! I've secretly been waiting for this day. Welcome to blogger Sam!
    P.S I love that I can comment on your posts now.


  4. Welcome to blogger! Followed you eagerly. More pictures of your hedgehog please :)

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