Thursday, 22 November 2012

An Honest Liz Earle Review

Back in August, I was aimlessly browsing the internet, when I decided I 'needed' some new skincare products.

Now, you don't have to go very far to find a glowing Liz Earle review when you're friends with other beauty bloggers. Trust me, it was like some kind of big Cleanse & Polish explosion all over my Twitter timeline as hundreds of ladies discovered this brand a few months back. Having heard nothing but great things, I decided I should invest too.

I'd tried a few Liz Earle products, back when the hype wasn't as big, but this time I figured I would go for their August Skincare Essentials package - Cleanse & Polish, Toner & Moisturiser, priced at £41 with a 'free' skin tint (something else I'd wanted to try) thrown in for good measure.

Instantly you cant deny, you get a great deal. Each month that 'free' product is different but | was pleased with the Sheer Skin Tint. 

Four months on from using it & near empty bottles, this is my verdict...

Claimed to be the holy grail of cleansers in the blogosphere; I would have to disagree. 

With all things blogged & hyped up about, you have to take them with a pinch of salt. I wasn't expecting miracles but I wasn't expecting to hate it either. The C&P is now sat to one side as I try out something else (Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm, if we're being specific!)

Firstly, I really disliked the smell. Whether it be the eucalyptus or rosemary; I just didn't enjoy putting that scent on my face. Particularly near my eyes. It doesn't sting but the menthol scent generally put me off. It definitely left my face 'feeling' clean/fresh, but I was never convinced it was all truly gone.

Secondly, although it is supposed to take all your make up off I really struggled with mascara - mine isn't waterproof or 780 hr super long last - just your average mascara, so I found that a little frustrating. 

I also found it very drying. Despite containing beeswax my skin would feel dry afterwards and in need of a good moisturiser. I dont suffer with greatly dry skin, more combination and so I genuinely felt it was doing more harm than good. I also wondered about the cocoa butter - it seemed to  be 'clogging' rather than removing, apparently this was added in after they took almond milk out. 

Oh, and I found the fact that you can't see where you're up to in the bottle pretty irritating - as I'd not know when to repurchase.

Overall? I now use it as a quick morning 'cleanser' as I want to use it up (not a fan of waste). I enjoy the calming feeling it gives, however I won't repurchase, although the price tag isn't too bad if you're looking to try it. You cant deny this product has many fans and so this may work for you - however I'm just personally not convinced.

This is probably my most disliked of the trio. I dont have particularly problematic skin : combination, odd blackhead, spots once a month type, of which I am very grateful for! 

Once I started using the toner, I quite liked the smell and the refreshing feeling - however after a while I noticed it was making my skin uncomfortably tight & drier than usual. I also received the biggest pimple known to man, right in the centre of my forehead, just before my graduation, thanks to using this Liz Earle combo.

Of course, I can't entirely blame it on the Toner but in basic terms I can only say that I felt that the toner was keeping dirt in, rather than removing it; especially as I had issues with removing mascara with the cleanser in the first place. 

I stopped using it since & didn't have half as many issues with blemishes. 

Overall? Maybe I have it in my head, but I definitely would never repurchase this as I think it is just too harsh for my skin.

You may think I have nothing at all positive to say in this review, but I promise, I do! 

This is my favourite, of all the moisturisers I've tried so far - this wins, hands down. 

I love that you can choose a moisturiser according to your skin type. As I have combination/normal; that's exactly what I picked. And to my surprise, it does just the job! It isn't overly oily on my t-zone and yet hydrates my dry areas.

It leaves my skin feeling plump & healthy, plus it isn't too much to wear under make up. It takes a little while to sink in but nothing ridiculous, the scent is very neutral and soothing.

If theres anything I will repurchase from this bunch, it is this! Hurrah!


I promise I'm not a Liz Earle basher, this is just my genuinely honest opinion (hence the title). Normally I leave things I haven't enjoyed out of my blog however I don't think one negative summary will effect the many that love it. I think Liz Earle are very clever to have targeted mainstream bloggers and have done well in spreading the word.

As much as I wanted to like this trio, I don't, however I do feel Liz Earle deserve a pat on the back for being a cruelty free, natural skincare brand - as you don't come across too many at this current time.

I wont give up on this brand just yet, but for me, this trio didn't live up to expectations.

What do you think? Are you a fan?




  1. I used to love Liz Earle until quite recently! At first it really helped my skin but after about 6 months I've started to feel like it's quite clogging if you have combination skin - I can't figure out if it's the cleanser or the moisturiser though!My family swear by it but they have more dry skin which I think it was originally designed for anyway. Looking forward to seeing what you think about Emma Hardie :) Laura x

    1. That makes sense! Everything does feel pretty 'heavy' although I do like the moisturiser, especially now it's winter :)

      Thanks for commenting :) xx

  2. I bought the C&P when I was home in the UK in September. It's ok. I think it's the cloths that are the winning part - I wonder if I used them with different soap, would I get a better result.

    I've used half of it up but am onto something else right now. I think it's good, but not really any better than any other cleanser I've tried.

    1. Yeah! I guess I just wasn't blown away. If you like their cloths, I'd imagine you'd like the Emma Hardie ones as they have a soft side for taking eye makeup and they're brilliant! Does a really good job xx

  3. It's nice to get an honest review. I have to be honest and confess when bloggers receive free items, it does make me wonder how honest they are. It makes sense that they wouldn't want to say anything bad and risk offending the PR company (and never being sent anything again). I was considering buying the set after seeing rave reviews, but will definitely reconsider.

    1. :) thanks.

      It does work for a lot of people, can't deny that, but it just doesn't work for me personally unfortunately! xx

  4. I loved my Cleanse and Polish when I first got it in May, I even repurchased in August (although I completely agree with the not knowing how much is used!) and now I use it very rarely because it doesn't seem to agree with my skin anymore.

    Their makeup range is great though, definitely worth a look! xx

    1. There are a lot of good things said about their makeup, and it looks really nice & natural, so I will definitely check that out! Thank you :) xx

  5. I love that you gave it an honest review! :)

    1. Thank you! :) hard to be any other way hehe! xx

  6. This was really interesting to read! I swear by the C&P it's by far the best make up removing product I've ever used, i find the scent really calming and don't have any problems removing every bit of make up from my face.

    Now with the skin repair, i cannot stand the scent of it. So much so it really puts me off using it. It's an OK product for me personally, but nothing ground breaking.

    Just goes to show how different we all are :) xo

    1. That is interesting! Yeah, I didn't want to say terrible things about it, because it can't be so bad if hundreds of people love it. Just unfortunately hasn't worked for me very well!

      Not the end of the world I guess :) xx

  7. Love how informative and honest your review is!
    S xx

  8. I must admit I am a huge fan of Liz Earle but I have to agree with you on the tightness feeling the cleanser gives - fortunately I have Combination/Normal skin so it wasn't too bad. But I'm not sure if I would recommend this to someone who has dry skin.
    The moisturiser is my complete favourite! I will definitely purchase this jar after jar! :) xxx

  9. I've always felt Liz Earle was designed for and aimed at a slightly older female rather than "barely out of high school" aged. If you look at the makeup, the skincare range and the ingredients it's not marketed at very young ladies at all. 35+ would be the right kind of bracket for this beautiful brand as it does work very well for dry skin. My mum really liked it.

    So I'm not surprised it doesn't work for you. I have combination skin too - Murad's Daily Exfoliating Cleanser is outstanding as is Eve Lom's Cleansing Balm (expensive and does have eucalyptus which you may not like) but the effects are amazing - super smooth, clean skin.

    Other than that - micellar water is great for getting all your makeup off, including mascara - try caudalie's or La Roche Posay's.

    Glad you liked the moisturiser though, I haven't tried that.

    1. Thank you for the recommendations.

      I do understand where you are coming from, however they do have the Super Skin range which is actually aimed at older skin - and they have purposely targeted Cleanse and Polish at bloggers recently, most of which I imagine are in their twenties, although obviously some are older than that. Most of them saying it works wonders for them, which is fair enough!

      They also claim the C&P is suitable for all skin types, so... It can be quite misleading if what you're saying is right.

      Thank you for pointing that out though. X

    2. Yes it's interesting, perhaps they are looking for the customers of the future - I've seen this with a few other brands I've always associated with older women - Clarins in particular.

      C&P takes my face makeup off but it just doesn't inspire me. That Eve Lom stuff I'd cut off my right arm for a jar of it but I don't feel that way about the liz Earle stuff. I wouldn't use it for eye makeup though - I'd reach for my MAC remover.

      Some skin types are just slightly different even within the same bracket - although you may be combination like me you may be more prone to breakouts or reacting to something in the product. I rarely break out so have a little more tolerance for certain ingredients maybe?

      It's great not everyone likes everything! Otherwise we'd all be using the same product and the beauty world would be a boring place :-) I must have a bash at that moisturiser.

    3. Very true! :) I'd definitely recommend the moisturiser. I'm combination but dehydrated, so quite hard finding the right products x

  10. I love honest reviews like this and if I'm being honest, I was disappointed by the C&P too :/

    Gem x

  11. Great honest review. I know that C&P is a bit of a hit and miss and some people swear by it, when some absolutely hate it.
    I love it and I can't live without it really. I bought 4 bottles already and will be repurchasing for as long as it works for me :) the same with the tonic- I repurchased it as well and love it. The only thing I didn't repurchase yet is the moisturiser, but it is only because I need to use up other ones I have. I love the full range :)

  12. it is so refreshing to hear something bad about this product! it was starting to sound too good to be true and i felt like i was missing out but i'm really glad you've been so honest!
    i feel that so many people just go along with the 'oooh, it's great..' because their favourite blogger like it.
    i really love your blog, it's so down to earth and your personality really comes through, and i like blogs like this so you won't be surprised to know i'm now following.
    come by and say hi if you get a bit of time on your hands, it''d be lovely to speak some more,
    laura xx

  13. I really want to try Liz Earle skincare products, but I just never get round to buying anything from the range! Always heard such good things!

  14. I have to agree. My mum bought me cleanse and polish as I started taking good care of my skin and she knew I'd appreciate it - which I really, really did until I started using it regularly. I didn't like the smell and unfortunately I had to stop using it as it was actually causing me to break out in spots. I didn't have an allergic reaction to it and I only ever get the occasional spot these days while I'm hormonal. But after using C&P I was back to teenage skin - loads of horrible spots everywhere and yep, once I stopped using it, they went away again. It was a total disappointment to me and I definitely wouldn't recommend it. Perhaps it's my skin that's weird? I find it odd that it was so bad for me but so many people seem to love it.

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  21. I loved the consistency and smell of liz earle c and p and it made my combination sensitive skin clean and soft. However it also left it feeling really dry and tight so i have mixed feelings abt it x

  22. Hi, wanna share my experience too. used to wear Liz Earle skincare. Heard lots of good news bout it from websites. However I would say I agreed much with u, the cleanser is not really cleansing. I put on eyeliner and it doesnt really cleansed away. It's also bothers me to use the cloth, dry it out and even after dried I believe there're dusts sticking on the cloth :D the toner is quite okay but I do love the moisturiser!! It's the best so good!
    Recently I changed my skin regime to Mary Kay, hope it's does good job. I have a combination and sensitive skin, thus it's quite hard for me to find suitable products, I've been trying quite lots yet still couldnt find the perfect one for me :') I love reading your review


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  24. I love the products, mainly because of the smell and how 'natural' it all is. However, a year in and I'm losing faith :(
    I haven't had any spotty issues but despite using it twice a day, my skin is sooo dry! The moisturiser is my least favourite element as it makes my eyes sting. I'm not putting it on or anywhere near them, the usual imaginary glasses line is as close as I go, but they really sting. So I started to think, if it's making my eyes sting, it can't seriously be as natural and gentle as it says. I went to check my moisturiser pot for the ingredients and there aren't any on there so I googled. A LOT of ingredients I knew nothing about. Having done a bit of research, whilst the majority of ingredients are deemed low risk, many are created from vegetable/plant based products using chemical processes. Some (polysorbate 60) have been linked to cancer risks. Urea - a chemical compound albeit organic, created synthetically using ammonia and carbon dioxide, Limonene - detergent/irritant & can be harmful. Linalool can lead to dermatitis. Phenoxyethanol is toxic & a quick search shows usa issued a warning as it affects the central nervous system & can cause shut down.
    They are just a few of the ones I've looked at but it has certainly made me question just how natural it is and, on the basis that our bodies absorb a significant amount of whatever we put on our skin, into our bloodstream, I'm becoming more wary of the chemicals in every day 'natural' products. I've found that just because we're told it's natural and in this instance, the chemicals are derived from plants initially, the end result can still be harmful and toxic. Quite scary really!

  25. I used to use Liz Earle (this trio, but with the light moisturiser) about a decade ago when I had problem skin as a teenager. Acne plus rosacea was a tricky combination, as anything too harsh to get rid of the acne would cause my rosacea to get worse and super painful. And the Liz Earle range really helped combat the acne, rebalance my skin and not upset the rosacea too much.
    But 10 years on, and the formulas seem to keep on changing, unfortunately for the worse. I wonder if it's to do with the Avon takeover? I can no longer use the toner, for the same reasons you say. Too harsh and makes my skin feel so sore afterwards. The cleanser is ok, but I've switched to Ren's cloth cleanser. 150ml instead of 100 for about the same price, but with a free cloth, which you don't get with Liz Earle. And it feels so much nicer on my skin. Used it for about 2 months now and my skin looks calm and fresh.
    As with you, the only thing I continue to use from Liz Earle is the moisturisers. I use the superskin in the evening and the light in the morning.
    Real shame as I used to be one of those people that used to rave about their products.

  26. Liz earle were owned by Avon and are now owned by wallgreens who are avid animal testers in the states. So whilst their products aren't directly tested on animals their parent company does animal testing. So like it or not buying this product generates animal testing profit.

  27. Liz earle were owned by Avon and are now owned by wallgreens who are avid animal testers in the states. So whilst their products aren't directly tested on animals their parent company does animal testing. So like it or not buying this product generates animal testing profit.

  28. I have been browsing through these comments about products changing and I would just like to add, I am very clued up on formulas and ingredients and liz earle is probably the only thing I can and will use. I am in consent communication with their well renowned customer service providers (they have to be honest as I have allergy and medical conserns) nothing in the cleanse and polish, instant boost tonic or the skin repair moisturiser (the essentials) has be changed. Being owned by other larger companys (like many of your popular brands are) has done nothing to alter the brands ethos or policies. This was something else I was very passionate about. I just wanted to make the point as I read some comments which are incorrect. Also I think titling this post as a "honest" liz earle review is slightly wrong as it implys other are not? Liz earle are an honest and rare brand that uses the best ingredients without ballooning the price. It won't work for everybody but all skins are different.

    Sorry for the huge comment I just have alot of knowledge and experience with different brands and like to spread the word with the good ones!

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  30. They have publicly admitted to the contamination after several complaints of break outs, this contact form

  31. Liz Earle is not an ethical brand

  32. Really good honest review. I am an older lady, 63, and have been using Liz Earle for as long as I can remember. I have no wrinkles and no breakouts ever. I do change it with Elemis Marine Cream on a regular basis but always have used the Cleanse and Polish, Toner and superskin concentrate for as long as I can remember, with not a bad thing to say about any of them. It works for me and is not tested on animals, which is also a good thing.

  33. Great post! I have done a review for acne prone skin and how it helped clear my skin:

  34. Great view! I also love Liz Earle. You can see my acne skin review here:

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