Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mini MAC Haul : Naked Lunch, Soba & Creme in Your Coffee

Having worked my butt off the past few weeks, I thought I would treat myself to a couple of new make-up bits.

You cant really move or look anywhere in the blogosphere without getting some kind of MAC recommendation. I've used this brand since I got my first foundation & brush of theirs for Christmas when I was 15... So that's a fairly long love affair. My particular favourites are their lipsticks & eye-shadows as there are just so many shades to choose from!

After watching a few Youtube videos (Tanya Burr & Essie Button mainly!) I decided to opt for eye-shadows; soba & naked lunch and lipstick; creme in your coffee, plus the infamous 217 eye-shadow brush. I'd heard so many good things about all of the above that it just seemed natural that I would love them.

And I do.

Naked Lunch £12 - described as a 'minimal pink with shimmer'. 

It is pretty much just that. I would say its a beautiful pale natural pink with gold specks and a nice amount of shimmer. It isn't too over the top, I'm not particularly a 'pink' kinda girl, especially when it comes to make-up, so this is just perfect for me.

It brightens my whole eye up and looks particularly pretty on the inner corners or generally all over the lid. I'm really pleased I chose this as I don't have anything else like it!

Soba £12 - described as a 'gold brown with gold shimmer'.

Again, I would say the description is pretty much spot on. I like my eye-shadows to have a shimmer to them, personally, I think they look nicer on me than matte shades (although I do have a few of those too!). On my lids I find Soba to almost have a khaki element to it, but overall still light brown. Despite the colour in the pan, it is very subtle and you can easily create a simple smoky eye with it too! I think this is a really nice shade for Autumn/Winter & again, I'm pleased I picked it!

Créme in Your Coffee £14 - described as a 'creamy mid-tone pink brown'.

Firstly, I don't think the swatch on the site does it justice and I would definitely, on my lips anyway, say it has a more red brown tint to it. I absolutely love it though, it is the perfect Autumnal shade; incorporating the whole berry lip trend, while being sheer but build-able and moisturising all in one!

It is fairly long lasting, maybe around the two hour mark, which is fine by me. This has definitely become a favourite and goes really well with a little Soba on the eyes too.

217 Blending Brush £17 - an oval shaped blending and shading brush.

I mean, who hasn't heard of this brush? I'm pretty sure you will never see a make-up tutorial that doesn't include this brush. Everybody raves about it, a make-up bag isn't complete without one... It really does the job, and does it well. As much as I am a fan of my Real Techniques Brushes, this one is a very nice addition. It blends eye-shadows together like a dream - no more block colours or un-smudged outlines - this does it all.

I'd always managed doing my make-up with a total of three brushes in the past (foundation, eye-shadow and blush brush) - now I seem to have an ever growing collection. This is a great little brush & is definitely worth all the hype.

And there you have it! My new additions.
What MAC products have you been liking recently? I already have Russian Red, Ricepaper & Powersurge on my wishlist for the future! 



  1. I want them all ahhhhh!! Fab review lovely xxx

  2. I need that lipstick in my life:)
    Sara x

  3. You look gorgeous with that eyeshadow colour, it brings out the blue in your eyes. This one would suit me too as I also have blue eyes. I love Mac, it is by far my favourite cosmetic brand- I used to have far too many eyeshadows from them, but my haul is running a little low nowadays. A great review. x


  4. love that lip color on you and those eye shadows make your eyes pop, you look very nice!

  5. That colour eyeshadow really brings out your eyes. Beautiful x

  6. love how your picture blinks ha!brilliant :) that lipstick shade is mac sooo much x

  7. Lovely haul! And I looove the photos!! ♥

    What camera do you use?

    The Misty Mom


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