Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Selwo, Smooy & Sunshine in Málaga

Hola! Finally had time to sit down, go through my holiday snaps & get round to uploading them here on Wordpress!

So! August 20th - 27th  we stayed at the Vincci Posada del Patio, in the centre of Malaga (a hotel that I would recommend in a heartbeat!) for a week of cocktails, sunshine and relaxing...

And we pretty much did just that!

We wandered the small streets, sunbathed by the pool, ate tapas to my hearts content, drank tinto con limón like it was going out of style, visited the market, went to Selwo Park (in the end, we decided we weren't too keen), drove to Antequera & Sevilla - posts to come! Ate 'smooy' aka frozen yoghurt followed by more wandering...

All in all loveliness!

Malaga is a beautiful city, and surprisingly not as touristy as many would think. I love that it isn't overly busy and has that urban/beach thing going on.  After many visits and it being my go to city whilst on my Year Abroad - I pretty much know it like the back of my hand!

I'll let the pictures do the talking but overall I had an amazing time :)

Tickling a baby goat was probably one of the highlights of Selwo Park! (easily pleased - and from that picture you can probably tell why this isn't a fashion blog!)

Anyway, more pictures to come of Antequera & Sevilla plus some stories of Venice and Croatia. It's been busy! So keep your eyes peeled if you're interested amigos :)
Hope you enjoyed the photos & hope you're having a nice week so far!



  1. sounds like you had a great time. must have been so nice to revisit somewhere you went on your year abroad. beautiful photos, as always! xx

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic time, the pictures are so beautiful :D The font on your is gorgeous (wierd point that I always notice) what is it? x

  3. Just gorgeous pics! Hope it was a fab trip:)

  4. Great photos, I have never seen fabric strewn across building to building like that before!

  5. Hey, amazing photos! It looks *so* beautiful, might have to go and check it out for myself!
    I was just wondering, I have the same camera as you and wanted to know which lenses you have and/or use, the quality is stunning!

    Glad you had a lovely time,
    Anna xx

  6. Thank you! It really was. Lots more pictures to come! X

  7. Thank you! (and FF Market for anyone else interested :)) xx

  8. Aw thanks so much. You definitely should! It's a great city.

    For most of these I actually used the kit lens 18-55mm & for others a 35mm :) xx

  9. It's so nice & cooling. They do it every August! I think it's for the Feria too :) x

  10. Wow, looks beautiful! love your photos too! :) xx

  11. this is so beautiful. Beautiful place and beautiful photograph

  12. [...] the end of our stay in Malaga we drove two hours west to Seville. It was quiet as it was a Sunday and midday temperature [...]


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