Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday Snap #6

A quick snap of Herbert, snoozing about on my lap. I know how much he is loved so I don't want to go another week without posting his little snout!

He looks a bit like a vampire hog in these ones. His little teeth do make me laugh!

I havent been up to much exciting stuff this week so I wont bore you with an update :) just generally busy-bodying & preparing for holidays really!

One interesting thing is that I'm hoping to get back into lots of drawing & illustrating soon, I found an old sketchbook at my mums house this week & it has really got me wanting to do it again! (you can find my old (very old) art here). So fingers crossed I will find the time/inspiration to get started again!

How has your week been? :)




  1. your pet is so cute.
    I am your no 80 follower at bloglovin...hehe

  2. Oh my, Herbert is the cutest thing ever!! :)

  3. Adooorrraaableee!! I just found your blog and love it! Now following you on twitte. Id love to see more youtube videos. You are doing great!!

  4. Your blog is so beautiful, so simple and minimal. And of course, the hedgehog is just adorable. Wish I had one. What do you feed him? :)

  5. He is so cute! Is he hard to keep? What kind of hedgehog is it? X

  6. I cant believeeeeee I love hedgehogs! bit is he free? do you have a garden? :))


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