Saturday, 25 August 2012

[Guest Post : Wonderful You] Body Shop Shimmer Cubes

Our final guest post is from the ever so lovely Megan of Wonderful You. I adore her blog & Youtube videos, shes the kind of girl I'd imagine everyone wants to be friends with! She's such a sweety, awesome blogger and all round beautiful lady, I'm so pleased she wanted to guest post over here for me! Be sure to check out her blog, follow her on twitter & have a look at her Youtube videos!

It’s quite odd really, the product I’m about to mention has been a staple in my makeup routine since I can remember. I’m talking almost 10 years folks (I know, I’m that old); but it’s the only makeup product I own from this brand. How ridiculous.

The Body Shops Shimmer Cubes are literally my favourite thing ever. In one little pot you get 4 different cubes of eye shadows. There are quite a few to choose from in the range and I own the Shade 06 in ‘warm’.

I love the idea of them being in cubes, it’s super cute and makes me happy (it’s the small things, eh?) :) Each little pot is generous in size, meaning that they last forever and a day. I’ve literally had mine for over a year and have hardly made a dent. Obviously the colours chosen in each palette are there to complement each other, and blend beautifully. I’m not the best at achieving a ‘smoky eye’ look, but here’s my typical way to wear these four shades together…

Now, pigmentation/staying power is clearly a huge factor considered when choosing your eye shadow and these certainly don’t disappoint. I think the main reason these last so long is that you need minimal product to achieve a dramatic look, and even less to achieve a subtle glow; and it will stay put for hours. One of these bad boys will set you back £16, but when you take into consideration the quality of the product, and how long it will be sat on your dressing table, I think it’s completely justified!
What do you think; does this beauty tickle your pickle? Or do you have a favourite palette I should know about?



  1. i couldn't agree more, I have used them for a month now I think and I love it! Can't stop, the colours are so brightful ;)

  2. I don't use eyeshadows but these ones look really lovely! Love the natural earthy colors. :)

  3. beautiful blog! :)


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