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[Guest Post : Friday is Forever] Holiday Hair Essentials

Second guest post of the week! Introducing Sarah aka Friday is Forever. I'm always in such awe of Sarahs lovely fashion sense, her posts are always so pretty and I love her style! Naturally, I'm super pleased she agreed to guest blog here for me. Even though I'm based on Wordpress, and she on Blogger - I always make sure to check up on her recent posts! I'm 100% certain you'll love her as much as I do! You can find Sarah's blog here, on Twitter & Bloglovin'.

My hair is a nightmare at the best of times. I think though, when faced with the harsh sun and heat, most hair probably is. Remembering what a disgusting mess my barnet usually transforms into whenever I've previously been on holiday, this time I decided to take preventative measures, and these products were the hair weapons of my choice. I bought small sizes of this lot as to save as much space as possible in my suitcase, and I honestly wouldn't have been without any of them!

♥ Lush Rehab Shampoo - This gorgeous shampoo is for dry, damaged hair - The main result of sun and chlorine exposure. This is the only shampoo that strips my hair of excess product and chlorine without making my hair dull and dry.

♥ Lush American Cream Conditioner - One of the best smelling hair products I've ever found, this compliments Rehab nicely and is a really light conditioner that doesn't weigh hair down.

♥ Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner - I used this every single night to keep my hair smooth. I actually took a small bottle with me for convenience but used it all up! Without this, I'm certain my hair would've been a huge, frizzy mess.

♥ Charles Worthington Sunshine UV Protection - You've probably burnt your scalp at some point, and you'll know how horrible it feels when your whole head is sore, and you turn into a walking Head & Shoulders advert as the peeling begins! This wonderful spray protects the scalp and hair from harmful UV rays - If you're like me with dyed blonde hair, it'll also help prevent uber bleaching/fading of your colour.

♥ Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging spray - One of my all time favourite hair products. This is like an ultra fine serum which locks in colour and keeps hair strong & shiny. I got this small bottle in a glossybox a long time ago and have since bought and used two full sized sprays - I keep this one topped up for travelling and to pop in my handbag.

♥ Organiz Moroccan Argan Oil - I didn't want to take my glass moroccan oil bottle with me, so bought this from Boots instead, and I'm so glad I did because I  now prefer it! I used this after washing my hair to smooth down the ends of my hair and enhance shine.

♥ Lee Stafford Dehumidifier - I would never dream of going on holiday without this miracle spray. You probably know how horrible it is when you've styled your hair and the instant you step outside into the humid air, you're a ball of frizz again. If you do, this really is for you. I have absolutely no idea how this works, but it really, really does.

♥ Lee Stafford Texturising Super Spray - Most nights I used this to style my hair as it was too hot and I was too lazy to use straighteners. A mix between hair wax and sea salt, its perfect to spray on your hands and scrunch into the hair for a cute beach look. I also used this to tame any pesky baby hairs around my scalp.
Hopefully Sam is having a lovely time in Spain (and remembering to look after her luscious locks)!

Do you take measures to protect your hair on holiday? What do you use?
Sarah of xx


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