Saturday, 4 August 2012

Cleaning Makeup Brushes.

As my makeup brush collection grows I'm paying more and more attention to 'deep cleaning' my brushes at least once a week. Why? Well, you wouldn't eat with the same fork over and over again, would you?

Makeup brushes can harbour lots of dead skin & bacteria over time and that is not something I want to be putting back on to my face! You can spot clean - with makeup brush cleanser, or deep clean with good old soap and water. I've never seen any particular recommended soap/shampoo to use on brushes so I just went ahead and used what we had at the moment.

So heres my super quick routine for cleaning your beauty tools!

Spread out your dirty brushes - analyse the damage. (ew).

Pump some soap onto the brush, or the palm of your hand...

Swirl/gently scrub the brushes in a circular motion, adding water, more soap if needed & repeat until water runs clear!

Squeeze out any excess (clear!) water...

Admire your shiny, clean brushes! Leave to dry overnight on a towel/cloth, et voila! 

Simple really. Its one of those things that you need to get in the habit of doing I suppose, and once you do - you won't even question why. Plus, they always feel nicer when they're all lovely & clean!

I'm keeping my eye out for a makeup brush cleanser at the moment, so, do you have a favourite?

How do you clean your brushes? Any particular products used? xo



  1. I am trying to get into the habit of cleaning my brushes every weekend, when you see the dirty water that comes out of them it is a good reminder to clean them often!

    How do you rate the Real Techniques brushes?

  2. Ha, I just cleaned mine last night! I use johnsons baby shampoo as its really gentle on natural bristles, but also because I cant get enough of the lovely smell.

  3. Ah! That does sound good :) maybe I'll get some of that for next time! X

  4. Definitely is! I love seeing them all nice & clean haha. I really love the Real Techniques brushes. Super soft, cruelty free & really good quality for quite a low price tag :)

  5. I actually have some brush shampoo made by bareMinerals - it's not that much more effective than just normal shampoo or soap, but it is good, and unscented!

  6. I always use baby shampoo, I figured it would be gentle enough to do the job at a fraction of the price. I am going to have to try wash them with soup, it sounds like a great idea for the more used brushes like my foundation one.

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