Monday, 9 July 2012

Real Techniques, Core Collection Brushes.

I did it! I took the plunge. I invested in some Real Techniques makeup brushes!

After reading rave review after rave review, I figured - all these people can't be wrong, so after a while of pondering over all the different choices, I opted for the Core Collection brushes from CocktailCosmetics (£20.95 for four brushes - I know! Bargain)

Prior to ordering these brushes, I'd only owned three other makeup brushes in my life; a foundation, blusher and an eyeshadow brush. I've done all my makeup with these brushes for a long time and to be honest - struggled to see why anyone would need so many different ones.

When the brushes arrived (very quickly, I might add!) - I was instantly impressed by the fact they came with a little holder/organiser; as a person with an incredibly messy makeup bag (see below) - a little order is nice.

Secondly, I loved the colour and that the brushes say what they are on the handle; it can all get a bit confusing for a novice. Although they are all technically multi-use, so you can use them for whatever you choose!

Thirdly, zomg - how soft are these things? They felt like angels wings tickling my face (again, I add, they are 100% cruelty free/man made brushes *hurrah!*).

So, do they work? Okay, so if I'm being completely honest... I'm in love with the buffing brush and the contour brush. IN LOVE. They blend my makeup wonderfully and make adding highlighter powder a dream.

However, I am struggling slightly with the foundation & detailer brush, although having just watched this video, I now realise you can use the detailer brush as a lip brush too.

I say struggling because;

1. I find the foundation brush a little too small (maybe I have a big head?) I'm used to a MAC brush and it is significantly bigger ALTHOUGH this is great for under eye concealer and I have tried to be patient and use it for foundation.

2. The detailer brush... well. It is very, very small. I am yet to have to apply concealer to blemishes, but I guess for you who like very precise application (near your nose, blemishes, under eye) - this would be good for you. I guess I'm a kind of -slap it on and see- kind of girl. But, I will be trying this as a lip brush from now on!

Having said that, don't get me wrong, overall I am super, super impressed with these brushes. They completely live up to the hype, they are very reasonably priced (four for £20 plus a carry case - maybe the price of one MAC brush?) they are extremely soft, don't leave bits on your face and last but definitely not least, they are cruelty free!

Would I recommend them? with a big fat YES. I will definitely be buying more of these brushes & for a person who knows what they're doing/is more patient than me, all of the above would be perfect. I've already got my eye on the stippling brush & blusher brush... infact. I have my eye on all of them.
If you're from AMERICUH you can buy them here [link] and if not, I got mine from here [link] but they are available on most online beauty sites and some even in Boots!

Do you have any Real Technique brushes?

Will you be buying any?




  1. You should get the stippling brush. It is perfect for applying blush! Xx

  2. I couldn't wait for your review, as I was desperate for some new brushes, I went and got the blusher and the powder one, which works out pretty much the same price as the ones you got...And I agree they are amazing, and SO SOFT! Now I just want the contour one, and not the whole kit, it's annoying they don't sell them separately! :) xxx

  3. I really want to! Think I should stop spending for now hehe but definitely one day soon! x

  4. Ah sorry! Didn't realise actually that they don't sell the contour brush separately!

    It is a lovely set though :) and yes, love how soft they are! Xx

  5. Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one - If the 'foundation' one was used for foundation it'd be 2 hours before I had my base done! WOW, I use it like you, just to get a little closer with under eye concealer, it has a nice angle!

    The buffing brush is my BABY. I wasn't so fussed at first but I reach for it every day now. Worth every penny!

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