Friday, 13 July 2012

My Ultimate Holiday Hair

A couple of days ago I was contacted by 'Best British Bloggers' to see if I wanted to create the 'ultimate holiday hair' style to enter into a GHD Competition.

Now, I've never done many hair things on my blog before as I'm pretty basic in what I do to style it! Although I have curled it a couple of times, and people have asked what I've used... SO I thought, to tie the two together I would make my entry, what I like to call, 'crazy lionhair curls' - although I'm sure they just class as curls!

I don't know about you ladies, but when I'm on holiday - I really, really hate using a hairdryer. Chances are I'm either sunburnt or overheating and the thought of purposely blasting heat at my head... is just, not what I want to do!

Drying my hair naturally is not only better for it, but tends to add volume too! Although I use these products to tame the frizz and create waves, this style really is pretty simple!

Products & Curler left to right: 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Start with clean, towel dry hair

♥ Brush through with any comb/hairbrush you have (this is the only time you brush it!)
♥ Apply a 50p size amount of any frizz control and heat protector product you have
♥ Spray generous amounts of any sea salt product
♥ Leave to dry in; if youre lucky, the sunshine, or in your flat if you're me

GHD have both Heat Protect spray and Frizz Control products.

Once completely dry  (it may look a little crazy, bare with me!):

♥ Add more frizz control serum if necessary (and switch on your curlers!)
♥ Take random sized sections of hair and curl - curling away from the face
♥ Run your fingers through the curls to separate & apply hairspray
♥ Adding cute hair accessories are optional!

Add your headband!

 Et voila! That is it. You're good to go!

I'm heading to Venice/Croatia at the end of August and this will, without a doubt, be my hairstyle of choice. Hairdryer free, volumous 'natural' curl look!

What's your 'ultimate holiday hair style'?



  1. So pretty! Perfect holiday hair, care free curls and a headband to keep it off your face in the heat! Love it :D xx

  2. Thanks lovely! Yes, big fan of anything that gets my hair out of my face! :) x


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