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My LUSH Skincare Regime.

I've never been one for taking care of my skin *tut tut*. I was more of a 'make-up wipes & water' kind of girl (sorry!) - I occasionally dabbled in the Simple range, but generally kept things to minimum and that is what worked best for me for quite some time. I have combination/dry skin and apart from a daily moisturiser I never really knew what else to use.

However recently it had not been so 'simple', I seemed to be plagued by very sore blemishes that stayed around for about two weeks at a time - always in the middle of my face - never seem to fully disappear and overall, annoyed the crap out of me.

So a month or so ago, I headed to Lush and after a lovely consultation with a girl that I wanted to hug on the way out, she was so good, I came home with;

... Pretty sure I questioned what I've been doing all these years without this magic combination.

Now I'm a huge, lifelong LUSH fan, so as a general rule you wont find a bad word about these products (unless, they're genuinely bad). I honestly think they're fantastic, and as a combination - almost heavenly! So what is this fantastic regime?

♥ Every night I now use Ultrabland - a gorgeous smelling, oily beeswax, honey & vanilla mixture, suitable for all skin types that you basically massage onto your dry skin and gently wash off with warm water on a muslin cloth or cotton pads. It brings off all my make-up, is all I'm gonna say. I wear a lot. On even some of the most stubborn makeup, it's effective without being harsh and that is probably what I love most about it. It leaves my skin feeling soft, moisturised and not irritated in the slightest. It is also Lush's 'desert island product' - it honestly works a dream, especially on my sensitive hayfever eyes!

Twice a week I now use Angels on Bare Skin. An organic facial cleanser, with tiny bits of ground almonds in to make it 'scrubby' and lavender to make it smell lovely. It leaves my skin feeling moisturised, soft and fresh after a shower (take a pea size in with you, rub in your hands to make it milky and rub on your face!).

♥ Afterwards, I use Eau Roma Water. I'll admit, I was a little sceptical about something that I assumed was just water in a bottle. But it's not. It's a toner full of essential oils (lavender again, nice and relaxing!), that helps with the cleansing regime, firm your skin, get rid of any left over nasties and adds to a lovely clean feeling. Sometimes I use it on none make-up days to freshen up & clean my skin, and then again on dressed up days I sometimes spray a little over my make-up to make it nice & dewy!

♥ To finish it all off, I slap on some Celestial. I think this is possibly my favourite of them all! It's silky & smooth, contains vanilla water & almond oil (making it smell fab and extremely moisturising) and it leaves my skin feeling so soft it really is crazy. It kind of sits on your skin for a while though, so if you don't like that, try vanishing cream! You only need the smallest amount too, which in turn has made it last a really, really long time! As you can see - I've been using it for a month and not even a third has gone. (also, sorry about the mess - what can I say, it's well used).

I was advised to use this for a month to see the effects, but honestly after just one week I could see my skin was brighter, healthier looking and a spot that had been hanging around for a week finally started to disappear.

As I mentioned above, I have combination/dry skin that can be quite sensitive to harsh makeup wipes, and this works a treat for me! If you have similar skin, I couldn't recommend it more. Even if you're not, head in to your nearest Lush & I'm sure they will gladly help! I love to know that what I'm using on my face is all natural, all animal friendly and generally all wonderful - it's a lovely start to my day!

I think there is generally a bit of of a misconception that Lush only sell bathbombs but this is one skin care regime I'll be buying again & again!

Are you a LUSH fan? What's your skincare regime?


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  1. I really hated the Ultrabland, but I love Angels on Bare Skin. I used a sample of the Gorgeous moisturiser as well and it was literally fantastic, but it's so expensive ): Love your blog! :-)

  2. Ah really? It's definitely unusual at first I think to get used to smudging your makeup all over your face to take it off hehe but the results, to me, are worth it.

    Gorgeous moisturiser is my all time fav! But yes pretty pricey :) one for birthdays and Christmas I think!

    Thanks for commenting :) x

  3. I've been teetering on the edge of making the LUSH jump, and I think I may been diving in very soon! Thank you for the run-down. (:

  4. No worries! I'd definitely recommend it! x

  5. Oh I really want to start trying Lush! I've heard great things about Angels on Bare Skin and Eau Roma, so I might start with those! Thanks for such a great review of the products - love your blog!

  6. I have wanted to try angels on bare skin for absolutely ages and now you have tempted me by the eau roma water too! I have used the fresh farmacy cleanser from Lush and really liked it and also the spot treatment grease lightening is really good at healing spots without leaving a scar :) really enjoyed this post :) xo

  7. Love this post! Surprisingly, Ultrabland HATES my skin and makes me feel super oily - but I love everything else :)

    Last day to WIN my Havaianas SHOE Competition!

  8. Thanks so much! Yes I'd definitely recommend them! Feel so lovely on your skin :)

  9. Aw thank you. Yes! I'm a super big fan of their products. This is my first try at most of their face cleansing stuff but I'm really impressed!

  10. Ah! I see. It says for all skin types but perhaps it may be more suited to dry/sensitive maybe? :)

    Thanks for the comment! X

  11. I love Lush anything. Bodyshop also have an amazing range of vitamin E skincare, which is also ethical and is über silky on your skin. Love your blog x

  12. Ultrabland is one of my favourites! And I have tried most of their toning sprays and they are amazing too! :D Glad someone else is as enthusiastic as me about Lush! stuff! xx

  13. I'm more of an on-again-off-again Lush user. I do love their bath bubble bars and the fresh face masks. The chocolate and blueberry ones make your skin feel and smell delicious.

  14. Lush skincare is soooo lovely! They do this lovely 'pamper evening' sort of thing (which they don't promote anywhere near enough!) where they will send some staff to your house (or your group of friends can come to the store after closing) and they do a facial with the masks, toner and moisturiser as well as a hand massage - for FREE.

    After this I grew to love their face stuff - I use Coal face, Vanishing Cream and I adore Cupcake face mask. Unfortunately I can't afford to buy it all the time, so I've lapsed, but I'd recommend them at the drop of a hat!

    Great review Sammi :) xx

  15. Thanks Hannah! I love Bodyshop products too! Will have a look for the vitamin E range :) x

  16. Hehe, always good to find another Lush fan! I don't think you can go wrong at all with their stuff! x

  17. They are great! I've got Oatfix at the moment and it smells so lovely! x

  18. How did I not know about that!! It sounds amazing! Thanks Lauren! X

  19. Lizzie Maitland22 July 2012 at 13:35

    I was in lush yesterday to look at the emotional brilliance range. I'm not a lush fan- the smell gives me a migraine- but one of the things that I was really disappointed by was the use of preservatives. They use parabens in most of their products and I saw a lot of propylene glycol in ingredient lists.

    Lush market themselves as being natural which they blatantly aren't and that's why I really wouldn't shop there.

    That and the staff's major over-reaction to British beauty blog's first post about the emotional brilliance range. Talk about irrational!!

  20. Lush products are one of my favourites especially their cleanser and moisturisers. They keep my skin soft, subtle and glowing although for the pigmentation I got treatment from which gave great results and made my skin almost blemish free.


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