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Kundalini Yoga : [Maya Fiennes]

A few weeks ago, I put out a question into the world of Twitter; asking for advice on yoga.

I've always loved pilates and yogalates (yoga/pilates blend) for their physical workout yet quite relaxing structure. However, I'd never really looked into all the different types of yoga out there and had no idea which route I wanted to go down. After researching a bit - I found the Livestrong site very useful - and the fact I had been struggling with stress and a bit of an emotional imbalance at that time I decided on Kundalini Yoga to Detox & De-Stress by Maya Fiennes (£9.84)

To give you a bit of personal background : when times get hard, I generally go into a bit of a meltdown. I have very happy days which can be immediately followed by very upsetting days and as I spend the majority of my time by myself, unless busy (or cuddling the hog - he's a good help), I have too much time to think of senseless things. This has happened throughout most of my life to a point you wonder if theres actually something wrong with you! Although luckily as I began to realise this I could then in turn help myself.

My mind works better when I have something I can follow, something I can do daily and as something that I've always been intrigued by, kundalini yoga is now a great part of my life.

So the DVD itself...

It contains two discs; one, the actual yoga. two, a cd of the music (made by Maya) used in the 'workout'.

I say 'workout' - it's not, really. I wouldn't say you have to be in any way physically fit to do this particular dvd (although there is one part I can't do, due to my back feeling like it may snap - rolling on your back with your knees tucked into your chest and rolling back up again). For the majority you are sat in 'easy pose' (legs crossed) and its main focus is on your breathing, chanting mantras and essentially; meditating.
"A mantra is an arrangement of sounds, words or phrases that create spiritual, physical effects to let you experience the power of sound directly combined with yoga."

Maya herself is lovely and calming throughout the whole DVD. Her words are encouraging and knowledgable as she tells you why you are doing every move. It is extremely easy to follow and at the end of it all, you are relaxed, which is the main thing.

My thoughts are cleared, my body is refreshed and to a certain extent you feel more connected to the world around you. It really helps me feel balanced for the day ahead & it is something I will continue to do for a long time.

Overall I would say it's more spiritual & mentally cleansing than a physical workout (yet some focus is on physically realising toxins through breathing). If you're embarrassed by 'chanting' to yourself nor interested in 'connecting' / learning about chakras etc, I would say look into different types of yoga as I'd imagine this isn't really for you. However, if you are similar, I would 100% recommend this dvd. I'm already looking at getting more of these DVDs to vary my morning yoga!

For a more detailed view of Kundalini Yoga, click here for the Livestrong explanation.
Whats you're favourite way to relax? Or your favourite type of yoga?



  1. I've been looking for something like this for ages. I practise yoga nidra on the days when I feel like I need a pick-me-up alongside other yoga practices, however it does send you into a pretty deep meditative state (and I sometimes find I've drifted off...). I will definitely check this one out to add a bit of variation!

  2. Will have a look at yoga nidra! Yes, this dvd sent me into a pretty mediative state this morning, I really love it though :) x

  3. I had my first Kundalini practice last week. I loved it! After going through a hard couple of months, it was the perfect practice to ignite my chakras, clear my head, and get me back on the mat. I also practice Bikram and Vinyasa.


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