Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Jewellery I Heart Today : Owl Earrings

Coo coo!

Another 'Jewellery I Heart' post, this time featuring some lovely Pearl Belly Owl Stud Earrings from Accessorize (£6).

I'm such a fan of Accessorize, especially when there's a sale on! It's kind of like my idea of heaven. Anyway, as I was browsing around [read: drooling] I spotted these cute little Owl Earrings looking at me, in all their sparkly, pearl glory. They weren't in the sale, but for six pounds I figured they wouldn't exactly break the bank! So to the till I went.

Animal jewellery has become quite a 'thing' recently, but I'm just a sucker for animals full stop. The rose gold/pearl colour will go with most outfits (not that I generally care, I'm forever miss-matching jewellery!)  so I think they are a really great find!

If earrings aren't your thing - there's lots of other owl goodness there too!

[1 // 2 // 3 // 4]

What do you think? Do you like animal accessories?




  1. Cuteee , they match the necklace i bought you lol

  2. Awww so pretty, got similar ones from Primark absolute ages ago (read years!), owls are something you can't turn down:) x

  3. They are pretty cute no matter what format they come in! :) x

  4. Haha, they do! :) owl overload! x

  5. Those are soo cute!! xx

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