Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme

I love a good body moisturiser, but I've never really used that many that are specifically for hands. When I was in Boots the other week (3 for 2's are my bank accounts worst enemy) I spotted the Burt's Bees section & had a good sniff of everything... The Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme (£9.99) definitely stood out!

I didn't apply any in the store but I figured it'd be like a hand lotion with a lovely marzipan scent! When I got it home and tested some... well it's not like it a lotion, it is definitely more of a BUTTER! Which I kind of think is amazing, I like unusual and I'd say this is something very different to most hand creams. It has a very thick texture that melts when heated & rubbed on your skin to produce a lovely (yet, kinda greasy) moisturising oil. Also, I love the fact that it comes in a glass pot!

Excuse the patchy tan...

I made the mistake of putting too much on the first time, and if you cover both of your hands, make sure you don't have anything to do (or touch / or a hedgehog to hold) for at least half an hour! It takes quite a while to sink in, however once it has it leaves your hands feeling lovely & soft with a nice healthy, moisturised sheen to them. The smell lingers too, which is nice - if you like almond/marzipan smells!

I really love it, as I have quite dry hands this is nice every now & again when giving myself a manicure or even to sleep in to really hydrate my mitts!

Have you tried this?

What do you think of Burt's Bees?


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  1. Burts Bees is one of my favourite brands, but I really don't like this product. Its a shame because I love the smell, but the horrible sticky feeling, eugh. I want to be moisturised but not feeling a layer of product on my skin.

  2. Aw, fair point! I didn't find it sticky though, but it is a thick product, I'd probably recommend using it for bed & then waking up grease free but moisturised :)

  3. I'd like to try the Body Shop's almond hand cream as a replacement as I love that marzipan smell. I still loves Burts Bees though :)

  4. I have been using Body Shop's almond hand cream for years and it is fantastic! Although I must say that they changed the product line few months back and discontinued the one I used to use and thought that it was the best hand cream ever! So after trying their new one in the aluminium tub and butter in a pot, I can recommend both. Don't hesitate and give it a go ;) If you are not sure which one you prefer then ask for samples ;)


  5. I do love Bert's Bees! I remember when i was a little girl and my grandmother used to give me lip balm from Burt's. I've never really tried any of their toher products, but now it looks as if I'll have to give it a go!


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