Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Sunday Snap

One very soggy, miserable hog after his bath!

Every now & again Herbert gets a little bit stinky & needs a quick bath. Safe to say, he really doesn't like it, but needs -must and all. He's coming up to being 12 weeks now, which means we can put his wheel in his cage (running ahoy!) and try him with some treats; chicken, scrambled egg - hold the milk and some nice garden veg! (spoilt or what?) but I'm really excited to see what he makes of it all! So I thought I'd put up a little picture, as anyone with a hedgepig will know, a picture opportunity [read: when they're being still] is pretty rare!

Also, just a quick note & a thank you, to everyone that has entered my Smashbook giveaway! I wish I could reply to all your lovely comments (but that would mess up the picking process!) but fingers crossed to all that have entered - and there's still time for anyone else to enter too.  

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend x 


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