Sunday, 29 July 2012

A Sunday Snap #5

Yay for more Herbert pictures!

Hes a funny little animal to take pictures of. Sometimes it looks like he's so intrigued by my camera that he'll come right out and sniff it (although my camera has a hard time focusing when that happens hah!) so heres a couple more of him, having some cuddles, eating some biscuits, generally being a wriggly bum.

He has just about finished 'quilling' now - a stage in a hedgehogs life where they drop their baby quills and grow some adult ones! It can be quite uncomfortable for them & so they become a little grumpy in the mean time - now he's finished, he has no excuse! :) and so now we can see his true little personality, he really is quite sociable, contrary to what I thought during quilling!

Anyway, my week has included my graduation, lots of yoga & reading. Guess I can't really complain!

Would like to say thank you to all that have congratulated me & I hope you're all having a nice weekend!




  1. I used to have one when I was a kid but I was told recently when I was about to get one that they are quite smelly...I don't remember that being true but do you find it?

  2. Won't lie, his poos are pretty smelly! But as himself he doesn't really have an odour, unless he's been particularly messy. So I'd probably say 50/50. He doesn't stink, but he isn't odourless! x

  3. He's just so cute. Love the new photos.

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