Sunday, 15 July 2012

A Sunday Snap #3

Yes! More Herbert related Sunday Snaps!

There's nothing I love more at the moment than scooping my lovely little piggy out of his cage for some cuddles. He has experienced quite a few 'firsts' this week as he's now old enough to try different - hedgie safe - foods ; broccoli, peas and boiled egg have all been tested! Egg seems to be his favourite, and so we tempted him out to take some snaps... His little snout was wriggling around all over as he smelt this new food for the first time while I was trying not to laugh too loud in case I scared him!

My week (apart from cuddling my spiky friend) ?

Well, this week I've been trying to get back into exercise; cross training, wii fit (doesn't really count, does it?) zumba and kundalini yoga are all part of the nice little mix I have going on. Keeping it varied is important to me as I'm very easily bored when things become repetitive!

I've also been booking, sorting & organising all the bits for my graduation (a week on Monday!) even trying my frist spray tan! I'm still to find my dress and shoes, eep, but it's all slowly coming together!

Apart from that I've been happily plodding along, generally getting my life sorted & feeding my hedgepig!

And that has been my week!

How has yours been? xo



  1. OMG! You are truly a blessed one with the notable captures gal. I liked the theme of your world too. :)
    Keep posting. Have a great day ahead. Cheers.\m/ :)

  2. Thanks Rahul! :) glad you like the pictures, have a nice day too! X

  3. still, just so stinking cute that its not fair!

  4. [...] recently, eating some boiled chicken (a new favourite!) and you can find even more snaps on my Sunday Snap posts [...]

  5. Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh! I didn't know it was possible to keep a hedgehog as a pet - lucky you! If only I didn't already have a spoiled only-cat . . . ;0)

  6. Herbert is adorable, they're such funny little creatures! Where did you get the pouch/bag he hides in? I'm hoping to get a APH soon too! Thanks :-) Ellie x


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