Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Cruelty Free: Red Lip

This is my first 'cruelty free' beauty post! As I mentioned last week, I will be gradually changing my make-up bag to contain non-animal tested cosmetics.
So, I've been making a mental list of all my makeup 'essentials' and what to change first... Apparently having red lips is high on that metaphorical list!
I've not always been a lipstick fan, but whilst in Spain I picked up my very first one (late on the trend, what can I say) - and since then, my collection has grown & they have become a staple in my everyday makeup. However, most of them are MAC, so, when I was in Lush the other day and I spotted 'It Started With a Kiss' (£5.50) lip tint...
*a chorus of angels sing*
... it felt like instant love.
I was never a fan of lip 'tints' as they always end up where you don't want them, they dry your lips & sometimes end up staying on for longer than you want BUT! I was so surprised by how 'balmy' and moisturising 'It Started With a Kiss' felt. The colour is long lasting (cerca 3-4 hours), yet doesn't permanently stain, and unlike most lip tint products, this actually protects & smooths lips at the same time! OH! And it tastes cinnamon-y... Not sure what more you could ask for?
The colour is fairly light for a red, but I still really like it. I think it may suit women with 'cooler' skin tones - even though I'm pale, I have yellow undertones - and would really work well with that kind of colouring.
Would I buy another? YES. Lush have quite a few different versions and I, 100%, will be checking them out.
I paired it with Bubblegum scrub (£4.95) before applying (made of sugar, I tend to just end up eating it) and lined with Body Shop Lip Liner in Mauve Berry which I got in my Models1 goodie bag.
Overall, super impressed. One I will definitely keep in my handbag for emergencies!
 Have you ever tried Lush Lip Tints? x
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  1. I love the Lush lip tints - I find a lot of lip tints last about five minutes and don't give much of a colour boost but the Lush ones are fantastic. Although mine never last that long as they taste yummy so I end up eating them!

    I have a question about Body Shop though, which hopefully you or your readers can answer. They claim to be cruelty free, but I thought they were owned by L'Oreal, which is owned by Proctor and Gamble, one of the biggest animal testing companies on the planet. How can they still claim to keep their products cruelty free?

  2. Hey Victoria! They really do taste nice, don't they? Especially the lip scrub, I think 95% of it ends up IN my mouth rather than on my lips!

    Completely appreciate what you're saying. When I started this I did look at the fact that Body Shop are owned by L'Oreal/Proctor & Gamble... I was shocked at how many brands are owned by animal testing companies actually. However, from what I know (and I'm still learning/researching) Body Shop itself do still claim their products & ingredients are not tested on animals.

    My mind is undecided. With a lot of this, I think it's very hard to be 110% sure that what you're using is cruelty free as many companies dodge the question or phrase their policy as 'product not tested' - but that doesn't mean to say the ingredients arent. (quite frustrating!)

    Also, I guess you could see it that, even if Body Shop don't test, in a way you are funding a company that do.

    So it's quite hard really. I'm not sure how they can claim they're completely cruelty free, but then again, if their own products are - perhaps that is all that matters?

    One website that I will be using from now on is www.cutecosmetics.co.uk as they have a great way of showing what is/isn't tested. I may avoid Body Shop in the future, and essentially used the lip liner as it was free & already in my makeup bag!

    I hope that helped slightly.
    Thanks for your comment :)

    Sam x

  3. Love Lush's lip tints they're so vibrant! Delighted youre switching your makeup over to cruelty free, I am too!

  4. Thank you! It's a good feeling! X

  5. I'm a fan of Lush products very much. Love that colour lip tint!

  6. That did help, thank you so much! Also, thanks for the link to Cute Cosmetics; their website is so adorable! It is such a mine field, but at least by talking about it we can learn from each other.

  7. thank you for following! and this lip looks awesome...I´m def gonna wear it out tonight!

  8. I think NYX Cosmetics claims to be cruelty free. I love their soft matte lip cream. I own Monte Carlo which is a deep red with more blue tones but I want to try out Amsterdam. I love the pigmentation and the light feeling on the lips. They're about 6 US dollars.

  9. Thanks Mullica! I've heard of NYX but never bought any (not sure how easy they are to get hold of over here!) but appreciate the heads up :)

  10. Just stumbled on your blog (ok, I admit I clicked on the picture of your lovely hedgehog!). I like what you're doing here - finding and promoting good cruelty-free alternatives, and making a difference. Thanks for the link to Cute Cosmetics - very pleased to see Barry M on there. I can buy my emerald green nail varnish with a clear conscience, then! I like M&S make-up, which isn't tested on animals, particularly their eyeliner pens and lippy.

  11. Hi! Thank you :) its really appreciated. I'm yet to try M&S makeup but have heard good things!

  12. yay for your decision to go cruelty-free!!! i love finding new cruelty-free beauty bloggers. the red lips are gorgeous :)


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