Friday, 15 June 2012

iPhonegraphie / Hogstagram

Apologies for the radio silence this week! 

I came down with some kind of head cold/flu that has stuck around for almost seven days now & quite frankly, I'm getting a bit sick of it! I've spent most of my time recently drinking lemsip & working my way through half a bottle of buttercup syrup (mmm...) I'm still not 100% but that doesn't stop me taking a few pictures & I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to just have a bit of an update! :)

So my Instagram is now fully Hogstagram. Herbert is putting on a couple of lbs and looking like a happy, healthy hog. Eating crunchy biscuits seems to one of his favourite past times; naturally, I filmed it.

I realise its not the best quality and apparently I don't have such a steady video-ing hand but my iPhone seems like the easiest thing to grab when balancing a chunky monkey on the other one!

Exciting bits - 

♥  We (me & Herbert) are now on Youtube too! (click) eventually I'd love to get into 'vlog-ing' but for now, you will have to make do with wobbly Herbert vids! If you're not on YT, how about Facebook? (click) - it's all just a bit of fun, I know how happy he makes me & if I can share that, then I figure, why not?

♥  A new skin care regime (possibly only exciting to me?) from Lush (will blog about when better again)... but even more exciting than that... I have a trial shift there on Saturday!!! *insert extreme excitement here* I was in there pre getting sick and noticed they had a place available, I went along to a group interview on Tuesday and passed the first part of the interview; selling and linking products. So all fingers & toes crossed for Saturday would be fantastic please & thank you's.

 A possible giveaway is up & coming so keep your eyes peeled. I'm hoping it's going to be one that will appeal to nearly all of you lovely lot & is just a way of giving something back! Hopefully you'll like it!

♥  I'm dog sitting... Animals make me happy, what can I say? Anni (the family pooch) is here for a week & it's lovely to be surrounded by cuteness on a daily basis! Between her and Herbert, I'm forgetting I was ever ill to begin with.

And that's it really! I promise I have more interesting bits to blog about shortly :)

I hope you're all having a great week & I'll fingers crossed I'll be back to normal blogging services soon x


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