Friday, 8 June 2012

Hello Canvas!

Last week I was extremely lucky to be contacted by Jess from Hello Canvas - the UK's largest photo on canvas website. 

They offered me the chance to send one of my favourite photographs that I thought would be difficult to reproduce onto a 50 x 70cm canvas.

Since leaving Spain I've always loved the idea of having my pictures 'in hand', so to speak. In a world of digital media it's easy to overlook the unique novelty of having the photos you take in a material form. So, as soon as I received the email - I knew exactly which one I would send. My favourite picture that only exists digitally.

Sevilla. My absolute favourite place on the Earth that I have ever visited, to date. I took this picture while family were out to visit me. It was a wonderful day; warm air, siesta time, peaceful... All the things I associate with Spain in general! To me, it is the perfect picture (maybe not technically, but for sentimental value) and I thought it would meet the brief of being challenging to print with all its different elements!

So fast forward three days after sending my image - the canvas arrives! Speedy or what? I was so excited to see the outcome, after having a quick look at Hello Canvas' site, I knew I would be impressed with the quality.

Actually, I was more than impressed. I was blown away! It's a fantastic size, the quality is incredible - you can literally see the peoples face on the bridge, the colours are identical to the original... In fact it may even look better than the digital one!

I honestly couldn't be happier with it. As my first canvas experience, I now want more!

Thank you Hello Canvas :)

* this canvas was sent to me for free to review, this has had no impact on my opinion of the final product.



  1. this sounds like you are being cleverly manipulated into providing them with nearly free advertising. not like there's anything wrong with that, mind you ;)

  2. Aware of that, but when it's something I enjoy talking about & I receive something I've always wanted - everyone's a winner.

  3. fair enough - and the photo does look awfully good on canvas. well done, then :)


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