Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Are You Aware? Animal Testing.

In the past I've been a vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, full blown carnivore - you name it, I've tried it - and throughout that time I read up a lot about animal cruelty & welfare. It's probably changed my life in ways I never thought, this post is a reminder of that & a new pledge to use cruelty free cosmetics.

I'll hold my hands up & admit, for parts of my 'meat eating' life, it was very easy to forget about how this industry works, to stick my head in the sand and ignore it. However recently when I had my trial shift at Lush, doing my research brought it all swimming back & the importance of being aware.

I think every human on the planet has the choice to be aware - aware of the suffering of others, whether they be people or animals. We have that conscious choice to help and spread the word of wrong doing. Animal testing is very real, very current and extremely unfathomable as to why in this day & age it still continues to grow as a way of testing if a product is safe for human use.

As someone that dabbles in 'beauty blogging' I think it's essential to try my best to promote animal friendly products & really, that is why I'm writing this. I'm no saint & this is something I've only recently decided. My makeup bag is full of MAC (contrary to belief they DO test on animals now) but as an avid makeup user I'm now pledging that I will make a conscious effort to use brands that do not test on animals.

For those interested here is a list of cosmetic brands that don't test on animals (Peta pdf) - and similarly ones that do (Peta pdf). To make it easier when out shopping - look out for the 'leaping bunny' symbol - it means it's a cruelty free product *hurrah*

Nails Inc, Jemma Kidd, M&S, Barry M, Stila; to name but a few are all cruelty free.

I'm not here to bombard you with images or videos of what truly happens as I'm sure many of you already know, but as an example you can see the protest held by Lush in one of their shop windows on Regent street. I'd go as far as saying its disturbing (and not even the real thing, imagine), but effective nonetheless.


I'm not saying you'll see me marching the street with sign posts & throwing red paint on fur wearers any time soon (dont get me wrong, pat on the back to those that do, really) but if this even makes one person aware that their makeup products, or any other cosmetics come with a price that is paid by animals, then its something!

This is a global, nationwide industry. One person choosing not to buy animal tested brands may not make a dent, but spreading the word can.

A link to a beginners guide to cruelty free cosmetics
A link to Go Cruelty Free FAQs
A link to make a No Cruel Cosmetics pledge
A link to a colour coded, simple graph of cosmetic brands that test or don't.

What do you think? Are you animal testing aware? 

Wanna join me going cruelty free? :)



  1. Really interesting post Hun.

    Tell you what has driven me mad for years, do you know where Lush stand? I hear they are cruelty free but then hear differently. Do you know?

  2. Thank you :)

    Yes, they're completely cruelty free - they source ingredients from companies that don't test on animals, nor do they test their final product on animals. (something you have to look into if a company says 'we don't test our product' but could potentially test ingredients.

    I've heard rumours about Lush not sticking to their own 'rules', but you only have to check the site to see that nearly every ingredient is a natural one & so I can't see why they would test/buy from animal testers - although, I guess noone will ever know completely, but as far as I'm concerned, they're cruelty free x

  3. The list is shockingly long for those brands that advocate animal testing, isn't it?!

    It seems that while some companies begin by being cruelty free, when they decide they want to sell to China they suddenly think it's okay that the Chinese will test their products on animals due to their own laws. (Urban Decay- I'm looking at you)
    It never ceases to amaze and sadden me how superior humans think they are compared to animals.
    That said, it's incredibly difficult to live life, using COMPLETELY cruelty free products
    so thank you Sammi for linking the Peta lists so I can see who I'd rather spend my money with! xx

  4. I know right, it's made worse by the fact that it's the huge makeup companies that, because they have so many loyal customers, can change their policies without many people batting a eyelid.

    I'd imagine it would be really difficult to be completely cruelty free (although not impossible!) but I'm happy sharing my discovery of nice brands that don't test in the meantime.

    Glad you found the links useful! :) xx

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  6. I love this! I've been trying to make my makeup bag cruelty free too! So good to see a post on it! xx

  7. Thanks so much! Glad you like it :) x

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  10. Great post! Being Veggie I try and use cruelty free products but sometimes you ether forget to look or just assume these days major brands will be cruelty free. I do think people need to be more aware and get annoyed that it is something people don't even think about. After reading I am now spurred on to make much more of an effort. So in answer to your question... will join and be cruelty free!! Yay! xx

  11. Good for you! It's so important to be conscious about what you eat and use! You're right, one doesn't have to be an extremist, just considerate and appreciative about other living things.


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