Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Another year older!

I'm still not sure what age I truly feel, but I definitely don't appreciate edging ever closer to thirty while I'm trying to figure it out! But here I am, two years past my 21st and still wondering where time went!

I had a nice little birthday, a day relaxing with my lovely friend Tara, enjoying some shopping, sunshine, catching up and so much eating Man vs Food should consider us. The perfect day in my eyes! We hit up Yo Sushi, Harvey Nichols Bar, Normans & Fazenda all in one day, picking up some new clothes, jewellery and washing it all down with plenty of cocktails along the way!

With some of my birthday money I bought myself Jo Malone - English Pear & Fresia Cologne which is possibly the nicest perfume I've ever owned. I love their fragrance combinations, I literally couldn't stop sniffing my wrist! It's so light & summery, it's just right for this time of year. Also, I picked up my first NARS sheer lipstick in 'Christina' described as 'golden raspberry' on the site. It is perfect. I'm such a sucker for lipstick, especially a nice red one, I only really started wearing it whilst living in Spain, but since then my collection has grown tenfold. I'm addicted! This one is lovely, and a new back-up for when my favourite EVER limited edition lipstick runs out (MAC Baron Rose) so I'm super pleased I came across it.

All in all, I received some really lovely messages & some fantastic gifts and so this is just a post to say thank you to every person that made it special :) it is really appreciated.

I hope you're all having a nice week.



  1. Ah happy birthday, you got some lovely goodies!

  2. Thank you! Yes, very lucky :) it was a lovely day x


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