Monday, 7 May 2012

Stay The Same

Look what arrived!

My Race For Life number! And what haven't I been doing? Running!

Okay so this week has been busy, hence no blog posts - what - so - ever, or anything else but working my butt off really. (I apologise... to whoever reads!). And with it, this week became one of the more interesting of my life, heres why:

♥ I had my last EVER day at university.
♥ I had (and passed!) the first part of my PGCE - Teacher Training interview - woohoo!
♥ Oh yeah and I had my LAST EVER DAY AT UNIVERSITY.

. It's definitely been a week of one door shutting, another opening. It has kept me on my toes, brought me some new experiences and has made me excited for what's to come - which hopefully involves me being a fully qualified high school Spanish teacher!

. My race number arrived for Race For Life, as you can see above, which has me excited and petrified in equal measure. I haven't exercised in months now, actual months, and the thought of squeezing into dri-fit and sweating it out just... sounds about as appealing as that visual you may have in your head right now.

. I've decided to go 'meat free' this week! My inner ex vegan is cheering at the very thought. I'm no fussy eater, but after a while of eating chicken and dealing with their strange raw state, I decided to turn to falafels again. So far? So good. I've always loved the vegetarian concept, and was for around half a year, a vegan. I know I can do it and varying my food again has pleased my stomach. I am looking for new recipes though, what are your favourites?

. Finally, leaving university for good was another unusual exciting/petrifying situation. The thought of no 'September start' is, for someone that has spent over 20 years in education, a very weird concept! Although if I do make it on to my course, there will be another start, but just this time it will be into a world of high school kids and I'm no longer the student. WEIRD!

Anyway, I promise to get back to 'blogging with actual, interesting content' at some point soon. I'm hatching a little plan in my head too, which shall come to light this Summer, so keep your eyes peeled. Safe to say, again, that I'm excited about it!

How has your week been?

Hope you're enjoying the long weekend! ♥
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