Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Petting Pink.

Three new, much needed items were added to my make-up bag recently:

♥ Tinted Lip Conditioner - Petting Pink♥ Mineralise Skin Finish Natural - Medium♥ Dazzle Lash - Black. 

Naturally, as soon as I got them I put them all on at the same time to test them out! I tried the skin finish a long time ago, the mascara was because my other had run out and the lip conditioner was just out of curiosity. (you know... trying to validate my reason for buying three products all at once).

So, my thoughts?

Dazzle lash is a newly found love from MAC. I've tried (possibly all) a lot of their mascaras and it's safe to say this is my favourite of them all. I have longish, but thin & straight eyelashes which need a bit of extra encouragement on the curly / fattening up side. This mascara seems to do just the trick. It seems to pick out every lash, lengthening and curling at the same time. My mum genuinely asked 'have you got false eyelashes on?' at one point... That's all I have to hear!

The Mineralise Skin Finish Natural is another fantastic product. I bought my last one at least two years ago and wore it every so often / when I could remember to put it on. I do remember it lasting forever though, so I was more than happy to pay out for a new one. You only need to slightly swipe a brush against it to get a lot of powder on your brush, it is so light! The good thing about it is that (to me) it doesn't make my skin appear dry. I have fairly dry skin and the last thing I'd want is the powder emphasising that. It gives a great smooth/slightly matte finish to your foundation and even looks good on its own for days when you really can't be arsed!

I was most excited about the lip conditioner. I'll admit, I'm a bit of a sucker for any type of lip balm and in general I own far too many, they seem to hang around in the bottom of bags/coat pockets/by the side of the bed/get lost. So seeing it was tinted and a lovely colour I thought I'd give it a go!

Unfortunately I think this is the product I am most unimpressed by. I know it's a lip conditioner and I shouldn't expect too much colour, but there seems to be very little, even after quite a few attempts at building it up - still a very subtle pink (not too dissimilar from tinted vaseline). Which, I guess, isn't a bad thing, but maybe I expected more from it because of the colour in the pot? It also didn't seem to stay on my lips very long, maybe twenty minutes max before I felt I had to re-apply. Who knows, maybe I just rub my lips together too much! It does feel lovely and conditioner-y on and the SPF will help on holiday. Its definitely not the worst product in the World, however I just don't think I'll be rushing out to buy another!

What do you think to MAC in general? Too much hype? 

Or good for the price? X

ps. thank you for all your great responses to the beauty posts, I'm happy to keep blabbing if you're happy to keep reading!



  1. Hey sammy! Love the blog haha. Erm I do not think MAC is as good as its hyped up to be, even though the products you've used looks really nice and natural on your skin! Ive bought products in the past and it just felt like a 8 pound product I could buy from boots or something, guess it depends on your skin etc but I've got sry/combination skin so I use estee Lauder double wear foundation, and I've recently bought a blush and lipstick, only thing is its more Expensive than MAC but they are the best thing I've tried so far! Xx

  2. Thank you :)...

    Good points! I think it also depends what kind of make-up style you prefer too. I have heard of the double wear foundation but as I don't like quite high coverage foundation I don't think I'd ever use it, but I have heard its good!

    I think as staple items, I don't think some bits are too bad. ie. the mac kohl eyeliner I buy maybe once a year (sometimes later) and I wear it every day, so its longevity is amazing! Same for the mineralize finish. I don't mind paying more for something that will last a really long time :)

    I think I do need to branch out to other brands though haha! I'm a little stuck in my ways. Thanks for the comment! Xx

  3. Really want the MAC skinfinish, looks lovely on you!

  4. Thank you! It's a really nice product! X

  5. I recently nicked my mom's mineralise skin finish cos she'd just bought a new one for 'when that one finished' needless to say she wasn't impressed, but I love it! I can brush a bit on over some concealer and call it a day :)

    I'm surprised about the lack of colour in your lip balm, I've never bought one but I have tried them in store and they always seemed super punchy!

    By the way, your brows look terrific! xx

  6. Haha! They really are nice, especially on days when you don't want to wear foundation, they seem to do a nice, light job!

    Yes, I'm surprised too really, maybe I just need to put a bit more on! & thank you re: brows hah! I've never had anyone compliment them, so its a first! Xx

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