Monday, 14 May 2012

My Little Sardina.

When I stay in on a Bank Holiday weekend, all kinds of bad things happen to my bank account.  Boredom equals online shopping & this time round, I just so happened to stumble upon the Lomography website. 

My little camera family already consists of a Canon AE1 and a Canon 550d, which I love both immensely for different reasons, but have I ever seen anything as cute as the La Sardina? I don't think so.

I think my heart skipped several beats when I glanced at the 'Beach Editions'.

I pretty much instantly knew I wanted/needed one in my life. So after convincing myself that £59, minus my 10 piggies (£10 equivalent, I just like that they call them piggies) I figured; for a shiny, new, gorgeous looking camera AND a roll of film, that amount really wasn't going to harm my bank balance (or so I liked to believe).

a couple of days of impatient waiting later:

I don't think I've ever been so excited to receive a parcel. Ever. The packaging in itself was great, even the cat was interested in what was going on.

After opening the packaging, I noticed just how light this thing was. I expected it to be fairly light, but its almost crazy just how little it weighs. The perfect camera to carry with you everywhere? YES!

While loading the film I noticed the back comes completely off - unusual as these things are normally hinged, but I guess that all adds to the 'sardine can' effect! I used this video to load the film, just to make sure I got it right & et voila! Ready to use in seconds.

It has a 'normal' 'bulb' and 'mx - multiple exposure' feature which is possibly the simplest thing to use ON THE PLANET, it'd be hard to get it wrong. (although maybe I shouldn't jinx myself).

The colours are vibrant, playful and all the buttons have quirky little beach related images designed onto them. Perfect for the 'holiday' theme!

I'm so excited to really use this camera, ideally I will take it on holiday (looking at you, Croatia), purely because of the weight, price and ease of using it! It will fit perfectly into hand-luggage without barely weighing a thing. What more could you want?

Overall? - an extremely cute, incredibly cheap and lighter than a feather film camera that I am 100% in love with.

Are you a fan of film photography?

What do you think of the Sardinas? X

disclaimer: click the lomography link at your own risk. everything is cute. your bank account may (read: will) suffer.



  1. Ooh cute! I have a Sardinia and both films I have shot on it have come back blank. Not sure if it's me being a total mug or the camera! So I'm interested to see how you get on. Yours is prettier than mine, I'm jealous! xx

  2. This is adorable! I also do have a little tiny thing for cameras (says a girl who owns abut 30 of them, oh yes), and this one is so cute! Just like you, on bank holidays I ordered a camera off E-Bay, and this time it is an assemble-by-yourself 2 lense box cam! I think I will have a real heart attack when I received the parcel:D Haha! Sure post some pics when you take them:) x

  3. How weird! (and annoying!) :( I'll be uploading my film as soon as I've finished it so will let you know!
    Maybe try contact the place you got it? Might be a fault x

  4. Oo wow, that is a lot! Haha Bank Holiday spending is bad, seems to not matter whether I'm in or out, something is going to happen to my money! Good luck with the assemble-by-yourself camera, sounds complicated! & I'll definitely be scanning my film once I have it :) x

  5. Lomo do amazing cameras. I've had my eye on a Diana camera for ages but I think I may have to look at a Sardinia instead! I think it is Lomo that do the Super Sampler as well which has four lens which each take a frame so you end up with one pic that has four frames on it! So cool. It is also a wind-up so you don't need batteries. If you are into your quirky film cameras, I'd also recommend a Holga BC; it vignettes pictures and each camera produces different results as each lens has differing imperfections.

  6. Haha, I did exactly the same thing - and also made a blog post on it. I'm so excited to use my new La Sardina and can't wait for the results! :)

  7. Aw! I just went and had a nosey, they're so nice!

    Look forward to seeing how your images turn out :)


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