Thursday, 10 May 2012

Laura Mercier & MAC : Just Peachy!

I've never really posted about make-up before, but if there's one thing I love it is indulging in beauty products.

MAC & Benefit being my favourite brands, I've built up quite the collection over the years (I probably got my first MAC product at 15) and since then I've found out what works and what doesn't, for me.

This Christmas I was nicely gifted a Harvey Nichols voucher - obviously, my decision was to spend it on... more make-up. But this time, instead of diving head first into all the MAC I could get my hands on, I decided to think outside the box and opt for something I wouldn't normally buy.
Cue me at the Laura Mercier counter.

I'd never tried any LM make-up before, but I kept hearing a lot of hype around certain products, so I figured I would go see what the big deal was.

I asked the assistant (who was lovely), "this is my normal every day make up, what do you think I could add to it?" she had a quick glance and instantly suggested the Peach Mosaic Shimmer Bloc (£31). I sat down and she applied this along with Lush Nectarine Second Skin Cheek Colour (£20.50), and then handed me a mirror. Honestly, I was surprised by the results.

(excuse my moronic expression - these were a little bit rushed!)

The first thing I instantly noticed was that the shimmer bloc had highlighted my cheek bones, which in turn lightened up my eyes. It gave me a healthy glow that wasn't glittery (I hate glittery things) and added a slight bronze/peach tone to my face, which was nice as I'm fairly pale. She had applied the lighter section of the shimmer down the centre of my nose too, to draw everything inwards and the blusher complemented the whole thing by adding an extra swipe of colour to the apples of my cheeks. It was subtle, but effective. Did I also mention you can use the bloc as eyeshadow? Well you can!
All in all? Love at first sight.

To add to my new found peachy-ness, I headed over to the MAC counter (what can I say? It's an addiction) and had a look at a couple of lipsticks. I knew I didn't own anything 'peach' coloured and I wanted a more day to day friendly lipstick that would go with most things.

Welcome Sheen Supreme in Bare Again! (£13.50)

Described on the site as 'pinky neutral beige' I would say is near perfect reflection to how it looks on. It is very similar to my natural lip colour with a hint of pink/peach and a lovely gloss effect that feels moisturising and not sticky in the slightest (another hate). I've worn it most days since I bought at it as it perks up my smile and adds a little 'something, something' without being too in your face.

Altogether they're possibly my favourite beauty purchases to date. I will 100% be re-visiting the Laura Mercier counter (when my bank account allows it) and without a doubt be investing in more Sheen Supreme.

What are your favourite beauty purchases this month? :)

Will you be trying these out? X


  1. Loved it! You definitely should do some more beauty posts in the future! =)

  2. Thank you Jess! It is definitely something I'm interested in doing more of if people like it! X

  3. Great post - I love the MAC lipsticks too! xx

  4. Thanks Scarlett! I have possibly one too many MAC lipsticks, but they're all just so great I can never help myself! X

  5. Love the lipstick! My fave beauty purchase (not this month, though) is my NARS blush. It was the first makeup item I ever really splurged on, but I'm obsessed. I would totally be interested in reading more posts like this, BTW :)

  6. Oo :) I only have one NARS blush (think it's Super Orgasm - haha) but they do seem lovely! Using their foundation at the moment too, which I really like!

    Really glad you liked the post :) I think I shall definitely be doing some more! Thank you Xx

  7. Oh so nice! Very pretty Sam! Can I ask which NARS foundation you use?

  8. Aw thank you :) yes of course! Its the NARS Sheer Glow in Santa Fe! I really recommend it, its lovely x

  9. Laura Mercier is fast becoming one of my favourite brands. Also that lipstick is beautiful, I need it in my life. x

  10. :) what other Mercier products do you rate? I'd love to try some more. and YES I recommend that lipstick like you wouldn't believe! x

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