Monday, 21 May 2012

And it's over!

Writing this while on a complete high as...


Four hard years (yes, uni isn't just all about sitting in your pjs, getting hammered on a weekday etc; you do have to actually do work) are over and I, for once in my life, managed to start and finish something completely  - which if you know me, is quite the achievement in itself!

Sure, I have no idea what 'grade' I will come out with (come on 2:1!) but the fact remains that I will be, by July, the first person in my entire family to have a degree - ever, AND I will have achieved something I never really expected to do in my lifetime.

I've gone from a 'D' at A-Level to finishing a course in a subject that I was always passionate about; my only drive being that I loved what I was learning. It was difficult and yes, a lot of the times I questioned whether I should have just stuck to art, but hey, it's over now and I am not embarrassed to say I'm proud of myself for having the balls to go for something I'm not a natural at, for working hard & following my 'dreams'. (cheesy, right? sorry).

Although, if I were to go back in time and advise my 19 year old self some things, I'd say:

  1. HAND IN DATES ARE FOR A REASON - my God, did I ever learn to not leave things to the very last minute? No. They give you work in advance for the very fact that it will take that long to complete it. Using that time to drink & sleep in is not a good idea.

  2. DON'T WORRY ABOUT FIRST YEAR - but take Second Year seriously, woman! I got a 52% (just about a pass) which counts for 25% of my over-all mark... OVER ALL MARK! Safe to say I've had to work my butt off this year to make up for second year laziness.

  3. ENJOY IT! - I've spent about 90% of my time at uni worrying about something or other. Be it exams, coursework, year abroad... (okay, maybe moving to another country is a valid reason to be nervous) but it will all be over with quicker than you can click your fingers so make the most of every day! Get drunk, make friends, work hard, play harder... You know, the usuals.

Everybody always says; 'your student years are the best years of your life', and right now I can fully comprehend why. I've loved it. And it is the weirdest feeling not to have a 'September start' or basically - anything to do! But I've always hoped my degree would help me get a job I would enjoy,  so the inevitable 9-5 every day life wouldn't drive me crazy.
So here's hoping!

I get my results in June & graduate in July. In the mean time? Well I've been craving a big, big drink since getting out of my last exam, so alcohol is first (may as well end as I started!) then, I will enjoy my Summer, enjoy my freedom, and never look at another Spanish book - ever again (or so I say).
Until then, hasta luego university, it's been fun! xo

Oh yeah... And I'll also be playing with this little fella;

World, meet Herbert, my little baby pygmy hedgehog :)



  1. Congratulations on completing your degree! I would love to go back to uni (a part from not having any money) I probably would work a little harder though in hindsight. x

  2. Thank you :) - yes hindsight, I could have done with it in 2nd Year hehe, but whats done is done and excited for the next chapter! X

  3. Te puedo escribir en español, pues has pasado la meta de llegada..., felicitaciones y mucha suerte en tu futuro inmediato, tu sabes que los latinos somos muy efusivos¡ Me alegro de verdad...

  4. Congratulations, girl! I can imagine how proud and happy you are! I quit university after two years of studying but this year I'm going back. Just switching the subject. :)

  5. Well done for finishing! I've got another year to go! And I've tried my best to take second year seriously...I get my marks back soon so I shall see! And good words of wisdom to others. I should have partied more in my first year and regret I never now!

    Gemma x

  6. Aw well good luck! I'm sure you did great, I just wish I did better - but hopefully this year will make up for it! :)

    We'll soon see! X

  7. Aw thank you! It's a great feeling! And good luck on your new course :) x

  8. muchísimas gracias Cruz :)
    te lo agradezco.


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