Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Mini Benefit Haul!

Every now and again I have a bit of a makeup overhaul. This week just happened to be it, with a combination of sunshine and finishing exams I thought I would treat myself to a spot of shopping!

I headed into Boots, Leeds with my eyes on the prize of some Essie polish (seems like a bloggers right of passage of late) but first I happened to come across the Benefit stand. Again, due to beauty blog influence *tsk tsk* I instantly picked up the Porefessional primer. I then glanced at the Hello Flawless foundation ...and quickly said sorry to my bank balance.

I sat down as the Benebabe re-did my make-up using: the primer, foundation and (because I have the worlds biggest eye sockets & constant dark circles); Erase Paste.

Firstly, I have to say the primer blew my mind. It was an odd feeling, more like rubbing satin on your face than anything else and my skin felt wonderful to touch! If I'm honest, I looked in the mirror and couldn't see an 'immediate' visual difference but it felt so fab I instantly knew I wanted it.

Next up was a foundation match, apparently I'm shade 'Ivory', which makes sense as I'm so damn pasty at the moment. It's a runny liquid, runnier than NARS Sheerglow, feels literally as light as air and blended like a DREAM! You also only need one pump, which is more than plenty. It has a nice dewy glow to it and looks very natural; all the things I like in a foundation! I'd say it is probably build-able for those of you who like more coverage, but for me, with it's spf25, I feel like its perfect for summer and any up coming holidays!

She added some erase paste (the name makes me chuckle every time) and it pretty much does what it says on the tin! It is a really thick texture, so you don't need to use that much (as I found out this morning when I had it all over my face & hands) so I'd imagine, even though it's a little pot, it will last a long while. Mine is in shade No.1 and works nicely with the foundation. Easy to blend & smooth feeling, although perhaps a little 'heavy' if you want to feel like you have barely-there makeup! Just my opinion! I haven't used it on any blemishes, but for under eye circles and adding a little bit to cheekbones and down the centre of my nose it works a treat.

Because I spent so much money, (like I said earlier, sorry bank account); I got invited to a free makeup course on the 20th June in the store for me & a friend, which was a lovely little bonus!

Other bits & bats: Body Shop Colour Glide - Pink Ginger 14 Lipstick / Raspberry Pink Blush. HD Brow Palette - Foxy.

Overall, I am super pleased with my Benefit purchases! It's always nice to change up your brands every now and again and use something new!

Will you be trying any of these? X



  1. I love love love Benefit. It's so fun and I've found the products I have to be really versatile. Once I'm back in the working world again, think I am going to treat myself to the Hello Flawless foundation!

    You're so beautiful Sam, ahhh!! xx

  2. Haha, you definitely should! I really love their stuff! & *blush* xx

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