Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Links Loved #2

I've spotted lots of lovely things since I did my first 'links loved' in February, so here are this months lists of wonderful things, blogs, ideas & products!

Creative bits.

Smash Book : I must thank @PamperedSparrow for this, as I now have the urge to get creative with this lovely notebook and get sticking & doodling with everything I see! Definitely on the 'soon to buy' list.
Paint the Moon Actions : If you like them on Facebook & share their site you get some lovely freebies inc. actions, watermark brush & FB timeline templates. Get clicking!
Water Colour Brushes : A free Photoshop brush than can add instant loveliness to any collage.

Health & Fitness Inspiration

Amsterdam Half Marathon : 2012 goal? You in? I know I want to be, and at 25 euros, I'm not sure what I'm waiting for. It may also be the next RDC location - so running with company would be amazing!
BLN Race Report : This girl kicks so much ass with a new PB I could only dream of -
And so does this lady too, you couldn't possibly read and not be inspired. (Also inspiring me further to register for Amsterdam!)

Fun Stuff

Mole Launch : I can't get enough of the Highland Spring mole with his little wiggle and now you can waste even more precious time by launching him over a field!
HRH Harry the Pygmy Hippo : Just click it. Click the link. And tell me you didn't say 'aww!'
Hula Hooping : I bought one. Yes, really. And it is fun! (And will hopefully help me get a slimmer tum in the meantime) what could be better?!

What are your links loved this month? xo


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