Thursday, 1 March 2012


Its kind of been 'one of those weeks', where the things that wouldn't usually bother or upset you - do. And normally, I avoid blogging when I feel that way out, but by the way this week is going I don't think I would get a post in if I avoided it completely!

I'm sure by now everyone is sick to death of hearing me moan about my dissertation - well, luckily for you (and not so much for me) you'll only have to put up with it for the next four weeks!


I don't cope very well with stress and so this sudden (read: always known, but never panicked) realisation of 'four weeks 'til the deadline' is taking its toll. I feel like I'm working & working & working and getting nowhere. I'm 3,500 words down, minimum 5,500 to go - baring in mind it has taken me months to get to... not even half way; twenty-eight days seems like a very short amount of time to get the rest done.

Essentially, I'm just ready for uni to be over. My love for Spanish is very close to disappearing and that's something I never thought would happen. And it's not a great feeling!

I'll stop being all depressing now! *deep breath*

Other stuff:

♥  One very good thing that did come of this week, is that I got my hair fixed! I've gone from brown/red to brown/blonde thanks to the lovely people at Vidal Sassoon Manchester. It got refered to as 'mink' colour -which I like the sound of. Eventually I want to get to a nice summery blonde colour again (my brunette lesson has been well and truly learnt) - but because my hair has been through such a rough time, I have to take extra care in looking after it and can only go back to get it re-done in around ten weeks time.

I bought my first Kérastase products! This shouldn't be something so great, but I guess it is! I now have 'Bain de Force' shampoo and 'Ciment Thermique' heat protecting masque. So far, I love them! They smell great & hopefully it will really help get my hair back in good condition so that next time I don't have to have so much chopped off! :)

I went Spinning. I also injured myself. But if we're keeping it positive; I could definitely 'feel the burn' and I really enjoyed it. I will hopefully go back this week and come out without feeling like I may hit the deck any minute!

I had blood tests to see if I'm a celiac - tmi? It's actually a good thing as I will finally be able to find out what my upset stomach is caused by. It would be great to know - although I've always pointed the finger at dairy products (yes, I'm looking at you, milk) - when actually it could be gluten. Who knows! But I'll be happy to find out so at least I can avoid it!

I've seen a lot of my family & my pooch. Need I say any more? Who wouldn't be happy to see this cute little face!

I guess I can't complain really :)



  1. On the upset stomach part, my other half suffered for ages until she cut out as much wheat as possible. Think she was classed as wheat intolerant instead of a coeliac.

    As well as moving to gluten free bread/pasta/brownies/cereal etc, she also:

    * Moved to goat's milk (sainsbury's sell skimmed goat's milk which is about the same thickness as semi-skimmed cow's milk) which has helped. Used the reasoning that baby goats are smaller than baby cows and so are humans. Twisted logic but it worked.

    * Taking a pro-biotic at night (Holland and Barrett's have loads...think she has the 5 billion(!) cultures one

    * Taking a shot of Aloe juice with normal cordial 1-2 times a day again from H&B. This worked actual wonders to the point where when she ate normal bread, it didn't really affect her.

  2. Good luck lovely. I know the feeling. I'm gluten and dairy intollerent, it's improved my health enough to keep up with it. x hivenn

  3. Thank you! You have a really great blog by the way! Love it. X

  4. Sam, I had the same stomach issues and got the blood test as well, which came back negative but I still try to limit as much wheat as possible and no dairy, and I feel a worlds difference! Good luck to you, and fabulous blog btw!!

  5. Hi Samantha.

    Congratulations on finishing your thesis, I know that this is an old post now, but I wanted to put this comment here because I am also doing a thesis and I can relate to the kind of stress you are currently going through. I think it's most likely normal to feel this way, or at least I hope it is. Anyway, congratulations! I'm going to keep reading your blog because it's lovely.

  6. Hi Emily! Thanks so much :) yes - my thesis was incredibly difficult, but the relief when I finished it was amazing. I'm sure you'll get there! Just keep going :)

    So glad youre enjoying my blog! Thank you! X


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