Thursday, 22 March 2012


When I say the past few days have been busy, it's the understatement of the century - but I can
happily extremely happily say, with bells on, that... *wait for it*


And I'm pretty sure there is no better feeling in the world than completing something I, at first, found impossible. It has literally felt like a writing marathon in its own right. But it is done; 10,000 words in Spanish, complete with 60 pages, a bibliography, and an appendix, it is now waiting nicely to be printed and binded by Monday to be handed in and be done with forever! 

Hence the reason I am writing a 'celebratory' blog post as I now actually own some free time to do what I do best - and waste it.

But really, it's nice to :

get dressed properly again (spending hours inside typing made me dress like someone ready to go on Jeremy Kyle)

♥ have time thats not spent worrying that I should be doing my dissertation and being able to edit photos, catch up on life & generally exercise again, which are all fantastic bonuses!

Trust me when I say, a true celebration will be had when I officially hand it in!

So over the past weeks I had a lovely hairy visitor - Anni!

I'm sure I've already declared my love of this little creature somewhere on here before. And I'm pretty sure nobody really needs to see that many pictures of someones dog, but well, too late!

I loved having her around. I love dogs in general - but she was a very nice break from my dissertation at that point and taking her on five walks a day really did help clear my mind a lot.

It was also my 'little' sisters 21st birthday!

All I can say is that an epic amount of drinking was done. We went to a spa via limo on Friday, which include 9am drinking of champagne. Followed by an entire day of relaxing, drinking, dehydrating, drinking more. Saturday (her actual birthday) was a lovely morning of present opening - yes, she really did get a Mini! Lucky, lucky - and a meal at Fazenda later that night.

Overall, I mean, how can you complain at achieving deadlines, partying, dog walking & gaining all your spare time back?

You can't.
I hope your week has been just as lovely! x

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