Thursday, 8 March 2012

Blog Spring Clean

Oh hai, remember me? It's been a while!

I've been well and truly swallowed by the dissertation bug (& some actual illness - yippee) but its safe to say I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (and I'm no longer sick). There's only three weeks left until the big hand-in! Eep. I'm about 65% of the way through, which feels like a miracle in itself, so hopefully the rest should go just as well :) and then I can actually have my life back! And be able to blog again!

But anyway! - I have a new layout! :) What do you think?

If there's one thing I shouldn't be doing; it's redoing my entire blog. BUT, as a slight perfectionist and lover of changing things every few months (including myself) I felt it was only right to give my blog a bit of new clean, Spring feel!

I'm sure I'll still be tweaking things for a couple of weeks to come, but for now, it'll do!

New feature:

  • Daily reads! I'm not sure why I'd never thought of adding that before, but there are some particular blogs that I love and thought deserved some recognition. If you're anything like me, you'll like them too. With a range from marathon runners to photographers and fashion gurus - maybe you'll find a new favourite too! I also really want to get to know more bloggers, read more sites; so please feel free to send me your links or your personal favs!

  • Coming soon! Initially I started this blog for my photography on my year abroad. Since coming back to the UK I've lacked at picking up my camera and appreciating whats around us. So 1) I will promise to post more with my Canon and not Instagram ('cause lets face it... those little things get everywhere, and nobody really wants to see a full post of stuff they've already seen... surely?)

  • And 2) I also really want to start spreading the word on great photographers in general. Maybe those that aren't getting the recognition they necessarily deserve, or even those who are just starting out but don't have the platform to show it off. I would love to start doing posts/interviews show-posting some of your best work and helping you get some well deserved appreciation.

I want my blog to be a little hub of happiness and postivity from now on. There are enough things in the World for us to be upset about, that this surely shouldn't be another.

I know I get in little ruts every now & again, but there is always a silver-lining to any day :)

So having said that;

How are you?! X



  1. Brilliant! Sending you love and good vibes for your dissertation!

  2. The new blog design looks great! I'm just getting my blog up and running (yoga, running, holistic lifestyle) and am trying to learn as much about designing my page as possible. Any tips or books I should look into?

  3. thank you! trust me, they're appreciated!

  4. Thanks so much :) I've only ever self-taught myself via google. This is a free Wordpress theme, that I've just tweaked! I used Photoshop to make my header & added a different colour to the background, all of which Wordpress help you do under "Appearance" on your dashboard.

    Are you using Wordpress or Blogger? :)

  5. the new layout is lovely, easy to navigate too! Good luck with dissertation! It will feel so good when you've completed it! Best of luck x

  6. Thanks so much Sarah! Yes, I can't even begin to imagine the relief when this is all over!

    Have a great weekend x

  7. I like this change, very beautiful and unlike any blog I visit regularly. In your blog simpre find beauty and now more.
    Te felicito "Guapa"


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