Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Just your average.

Anyone that knows me has probably heard me say at some point "I wish I was really good at just one thing" - as that's all I've ever wanted.

I'm a Gemini. A picky, choosy, scattery air head that has issues with sticking at things 'til the end - especially when the going gets tough. I'm the first one already looking for the exit.

And when I say I have a multitude of interests, that is no lie, the list is about as long as I am. From languages, painting, photography, drawing, music, graphics - even coding & html, saxophone playing, running, pilate-ing... It's mixed. And interesting. But I'm not actually great at any of them.

Contrary to popular belief, (I kid, I kid) I am actually just a bit of a 'Plain Jane.'

And I'm not even ashamed to admit it.

I like no make-up days, where I sit in big jumpers and even bigger sweatpants, with wet hair while it dries in crazy ways (ie. today). I like working to the best of my ability but I'm never upset when the results aren't brilliant - because I always know I've done what I can and that's all I can ever do.  I like eating nutella from the tub - followed by even more chocolate if I'm having a bad day and not panicking about gaining lbs afterwards. I like having very select close friends - I may 'know' many but I trust few, and that's okay with me. I like walking around in underwear when no-one else is in the house, possibly singing to something on the tv/tripping over my own feet - one of the two, both at the same time if I'm lucky.

I like living an average life.

To some, that may be a weird thing to say. And I probably wouldn't want to encourage it - but I also wouldn't want anyone to feel bad if they feel the same.

I plan on being good at something. I don't quite know what yet - perhaps it will be teaching, perhaps not. But I believe everyone has a path in life, and maybe I just haven't found mine yet.

If anything, it makes me appreciate my life just a little bit more - I'm aware of the options, and I'll probably try a lot of them, to see what fits best. I'll experience the good, the bad, the just plain wrong along the way, and that in itself is quite exciting.

I'm surrounded by such amazing, inspirational people on a daily basis and I love watching them grow & develop into fantastic super-beings (mainly runners, athletes, bloggers - whatever) but they're not me and as much as I admire talent, determination and drive that these people have to achieve their goals - it is just that,  theirs.

So as from today, I'm going to embrace this strange collection of under developed 'talents' that I have and continue on in my eclectic ways, because it works for me. And I'm alright with that.

And the next time you wonder if anyone is doing anything as average as you are - remember there's always me, sat doing this.

With crazy big hair. X


Thursday, 22 March 2012


When I say the past few days have been busy, it's the understatement of the century - but I can
happily extremely happily say, with bells on, that... *wait for it*


And I'm pretty sure there is no better feeling in the world than completing something I, at first, found impossible. It has literally felt like a writing marathon in its own right. But it is done; 10,000 words in Spanish, complete with 60 pages, a bibliography, and an appendix, it is now waiting nicely to be printed and binded by Monday to be handed in and be done with forever! 

Hence the reason I am writing a 'celebratory' blog post as I now actually own some free time to do what I do best - and waste it.

But really, it's nice to :

get dressed properly again (spending hours inside typing made me dress like someone ready to go on Jeremy Kyle)

♥ have time thats not spent worrying that I should be doing my dissertation and being able to edit photos, catch up on life & generally exercise again, which are all fantastic bonuses!

Trust me when I say, a true celebration will be had when I officially hand it in!

So over the past weeks I had a lovely hairy visitor - Anni!

I'm sure I've already declared my love of this little creature somewhere on here before. And I'm pretty sure nobody really needs to see that many pictures of someones dog, but well, too late!

I loved having her around. I love dogs in general - but she was a very nice break from my dissertation at that point and taking her on five walks a day really did help clear my mind a lot.

It was also my 'little' sisters 21st birthday!

All I can say is that an epic amount of drinking was done. We went to a spa via limo on Friday, which include 9am drinking of champagne. Followed by an entire day of relaxing, drinking, dehydrating, drinking more. Saturday (her actual birthday) was a lovely morning of present opening - yes, she really did get a Mini! Lucky, lucky - and a meal at Fazenda later that night.

Overall, I mean, how can you complain at achieving deadlines, partying, dog walking & gaining all your spare time back?

You can't.
I hope your week has been just as lovely! x

Monday, 12 March 2012

The Attack of the Anon & Unsupportive Females.

Image from VIPXO.

Bitching, gossiping, bullying, back-stabbing, insulting.

Whichever way you want to put it, if you've been through it - you know the awful, soul destroying pain that comes with it.

Through high-school, my teens and even in my twenties; someone, somewhere it seems, has something to say about you.

I know I'm not alone, as the past couple of weeks I've seen numerous things pop-up online which have disturbed me. Surprised me, even. I thought these years of picking on people were left in the playground, but it seems we're entering a new age of the 'anonymous bully' and an era of 'women turning on women.'

It's dreadful to observe & even worse for those on the receiving end.

I've been following the wonderful blog of VIPXO for a while now - a great fashion / designer inspired page with wonderful pictures of Victoria herself (always immaculately dressed!). Shes a proud size 14 - the same as me, and possibly the majority of your average female in the UK.

Yet after a while I noticed a stream of extremely negative things being said about her. Comments varied from her shape, size & appearance to why she blogs about what she does...

It baffled me as to what gives that person the right to think it's acceptable to essentially bully someone else, when they don't even have the front to put their name to the insult? It makes me question what that other female really gains from saying something, which if said to them, would be extremely hurtful? It makes me think about all the other female bloggers or anyone who puts their life out there; who are dealing with the same problem.

A never-ending vicious circle.

It is so disappointing, in a world that is so 'dog-eat-dog' that we are turning on each other. Victoria isn't the first to receive this and sadly she won't be the last - yet this shouldn't be the case.

It seems it is spreading as far wide as the press, too. Articles suggesting that women generally aren't as supportive towards each other as men are. That we dislike seeing other more successful, more beautiful, more talented, women. Some people disagreed, yet I can't help but wholeheartedly agree.

"It’s a dirty little secret among women that we don’t support one another"

I speak about the majority; as I've experienced it first hand - women refusing to help me, 'friends' gossiping about me, generally un-supportive of any success that may come my way - IT HAS TO STOP.

The greatness that can come from women sticking together & helping each other is vast. Now I speak of the minority & I take the wonderful Bangs and a Bun and her new Spikes & Heels project as the best example out there.

Bangs is the forefront of, what should already be happening, the encouragement and support for other women [to partake in exercise and lead healthy lifestyles] - A movement that could be applied to every aspect of our daily lives.

We are strong & powerful creatures and we can do great things - when we help each other.

The next time another female asks for your help, swallow your ego and do so. The next time you think about talking about someone behind their back, remember; karmas exists. And [just in case any cyber troll is reading this] before you think about sending that anonymous comment whilst hidding behind the safety of your computer - stop to think; how would you feel? What do you gain?

We are all unique, individuals, with different strengths and ambitions;  a fact that should be celebrated, not criticised. And no, one small blog post will not help change this, but it may change even one persons way of thinking - and if so, then it has achieved something.

Even if not; just reach out and give another person a hug. Complement the woman in the office that dislikes you for no reason. Tell her one nice thing about herself. Make peace with your enemies and forgot those that are attacking you. Stand up proud of who & what you are because you deserve better than this.

*dismounts podium*

So please, ladies,

start today with a clean slate, and make it a positive one.



Thursday, 8 March 2012

Blog Spring Clean

Oh hai, remember me? It's been a while!

I've been well and truly swallowed by the dissertation bug (& some actual illness - yippee) but its safe to say I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (and I'm no longer sick). There's only three weeks left until the big hand-in! Eep. I'm about 65% of the way through, which feels like a miracle in itself, so hopefully the rest should go just as well :) and then I can actually have my life back! And be able to blog again!

But anyway! - I have a new layout! :) What do you think?

If there's one thing I shouldn't be doing; it's redoing my entire blog. BUT, as a slight perfectionist and lover of changing things every few months (including myself) I felt it was only right to give my blog a bit of new clean, Spring feel!

I'm sure I'll still be tweaking things for a couple of weeks to come, but for now, it'll do!

New feature:

  • Daily reads! I'm not sure why I'd never thought of adding that before, but there are some particular blogs that I love and thought deserved some recognition. If you're anything like me, you'll like them too. With a range from marathon runners to photographers and fashion gurus - maybe you'll find a new favourite too! I also really want to get to know more bloggers, read more sites; so please feel free to send me your links or your personal favs!

  • Coming soon! Initially I started this blog for my photography on my year abroad. Since coming back to the UK I've lacked at picking up my camera and appreciating whats around us. So 1) I will promise to post more with my Canon and not Instagram ('cause lets face it... those little things get everywhere, and nobody really wants to see a full post of stuff they've already seen... surely?)

  • And 2) I also really want to start spreading the word on great photographers in general. Maybe those that aren't getting the recognition they necessarily deserve, or even those who are just starting out but don't have the platform to show it off. I would love to start doing posts/interviews show-posting some of your best work and helping you get some well deserved appreciation.

I want my blog to be a little hub of happiness and postivity from now on. There are enough things in the World for us to be upset about, that this surely shouldn't be another.

I know I get in little ruts every now & again, but there is always a silver-lining to any day :)

So having said that;

How are you?! X


Thursday, 1 March 2012


Its kind of been 'one of those weeks', where the things that wouldn't usually bother or upset you - do. And normally, I avoid blogging when I feel that way out, but by the way this week is going I don't think I would get a post in if I avoided it completely!

I'm sure by now everyone is sick to death of hearing me moan about my dissertation - well, luckily for you (and not so much for me) you'll only have to put up with it for the next four weeks!


I don't cope very well with stress and so this sudden (read: always known, but never panicked) realisation of 'four weeks 'til the deadline' is taking its toll. I feel like I'm working & working & working and getting nowhere. I'm 3,500 words down, minimum 5,500 to go - baring in mind it has taken me months to get to... not even half way; twenty-eight days seems like a very short amount of time to get the rest done.

Essentially, I'm just ready for uni to be over. My love for Spanish is very close to disappearing and that's something I never thought would happen. And it's not a great feeling!

I'll stop being all depressing now! *deep breath*

Other stuff:

♥  One very good thing that did come of this week, is that I got my hair fixed! I've gone from brown/red to brown/blonde thanks to the lovely people at Vidal Sassoon Manchester. It got refered to as 'mink' colour -which I like the sound of. Eventually I want to get to a nice summery blonde colour again (my brunette lesson has been well and truly learnt) - but because my hair has been through such a rough time, I have to take extra care in looking after it and can only go back to get it re-done in around ten weeks time.

I bought my first Kérastase products! This shouldn't be something so great, but I guess it is! I now have 'Bain de Force' shampoo and 'Ciment Thermique' heat protecting masque. So far, I love them! They smell great & hopefully it will really help get my hair back in good condition so that next time I don't have to have so much chopped off! :)

I went Spinning. I also injured myself. But if we're keeping it positive; I could definitely 'feel the burn' and I really enjoyed it. I will hopefully go back this week and come out without feeling like I may hit the deck any minute!

I had blood tests to see if I'm a celiac - tmi? It's actually a good thing as I will finally be able to find out what my upset stomach is caused by. It would be great to know - although I've always pointed the finger at dairy products (yes, I'm looking at you, milk) - when actually it could be gluten. Who knows! But I'll be happy to find out so at least I can avoid it!

I've seen a lot of my family & my pooch. Need I say any more? Who wouldn't be happy to see this cute little face!

I guess I can't complain really :)

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