Saturday, 25 February 2012

Spring Inspired: Colour Me Pastel.

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The UK experienced some pretty freak February weather this week and it actually reached temperatures of above 10 degrees (Well done Mother Nature!) - it gave me a very nice reminder that Spring is on its way and I could actually take my scarf off; some were even walking around with no coat, but ... maybe that's a little extreme.

It also reminded me that my wardrobe needs a huge Spring overhaul. I've been hidding under Winter jumpers since the first hint of cold weather (I am a bit of a whimp and will always prefer to be warm than 'fashionable').

So on my online route around, I found some pretty nice items I thought I would share with you all. I'm absolutely loving the pastel influence this year and I can't wait to inject my clothes with some much needed colour! - I also really want to try the Garnier bb Cream. Has anyone tested it yet? :)

What Spring style will you be going for?

Resources used;

Dafont - Bebas &
MissTiina Skinny Jeans font


  1. this is pastel perfection!

    Loretta xx


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