Thursday, 9 February 2012

Photoshop Template v 2

Example of using templates in a blog post.

Being that I am a complete beginner at this photoshop template making business - naturally, there will be quite a few different versions appearing until I get it perfect (as with any of my art/crafty things, I'll be working on this for a looong time).

So, excuse how similar this may look to Photoshop Template v. 1 ... but this has borders and drop shadows! Exciting right?

I've gone back and applied them to the five I made, and then some more. I've also figured out how to make things 900px, so they will all be of similar size as well as border & shadow or just shadow, for those who don't like the border.

...Its quite addictive, this learning thing.


I hope you enjoy them! The other download was quite successful, although no one really left feedback, which is fine! But if you could let me know how they work for you, then at least I know I'm not wasting my time, so to speak.

Muchas gracias!

Link to Mediafire Download [HERE] - Free & Simple :)

File size 329.26kb



  1. Can i ask you! What kind of blog to use this template?

  2. Any kind :)... Use the template on photoshop to add pictures, then flatten the image and insert it as a photo on your blog.

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